Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Little Fun and Then Not

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy. Caleb is continuing in his vocabulary growth spurt. He is very adept at saying hi now and even waves at the same time. He also has mastered any word that ends in a y or a sound in that area. He loves to say baby, daddy, kitty, puppy, etc. He also loves to point out babies and say baby over and over. Maybe he's trying to tell us something!!! Caleb has also become quite the copy cat as he will repeat everything that his dad or I say. For example, if we are talking on the phone and tell the person bye, he will walk around saying bye for a good half hour. I guess now is when we need to start watching what we say and what he hears even more!

We took Caleb to a playground that is near our house. He loves to go down the slides, but refuses to do it facing front and on his bottom. He likes to go down this way or head first!

We had to pose him for this picture. Be assured that he promptly turned around and flew down this slide head first! The playground is not only a workout for Caleb, but also for mama and daddy!

We try to take turns climbing on the equipment with Caleb. This time was daddy's turn!

As you can tell, we had a great time!

On Sunday, Jes decided that it was time to pass another kidney stone. We ended up in the ER while he was pumped full of narcotics! Take a look at his face and you'll be able to see that he is feeling good in this picture. Good thing because it was almost impossible to keep Caleb off his bed!
Right now Jes is in Canada, so I am getting a taste of what being a single parent is like. I have a new appreciation for those people! Caleb walks around saying "nada", his version of Canada and both of us can't wait for him to get home!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some New Tricks and Treats

We have had quite the eventful past couple of weeks. Jes is working very hard and in addition to putting in obligatory overtime at his regular job, he has also obtained some long-term extra work too. He is currently saving his money up to purchase a motorcycle and all the extras that come along with it. He is almost there an is actually bidding on helmets on ebay.
I have been working lots as well. I have been teaching 4 classes at the college, which means that I am in class every night. The good news is that I won't have this many classes in the spring as part time instructors cannot teach an overload two semesters in a row. I have, however, been strongly encouraged by my mentor to apply for an internal full time position with the school. We'll just have to see how that one pans out as it would have to meet my demands of schedule so that I would still be with Caleb most of the time.

Caleb is doing really well too. He has learned some new tricks which includes whistling. If someone told me that their 19 month old could whistle, I would never believe it because it just seems so improbable, but he can. The first time he did it, I though it was just a fluke, but he walks around the house whistling now. It's a little strange, but not beyond our little genius to learn! His other new trick is putting small things in his nose. One day he was eating peas and I turned my back. When I turned around, he has a pea hanging out of each nostril. It was so funny I had to laugh, but of course I couldn't get to the camera in time and promptly removed the food. Now we have to keep a close eye on him at meal time
We had our evaluation by ECI yesterday and they came to the conclusion that he was too far advanced to need therapy. He scored way above his age bracket in all skills except gross motor. The only reason he scored low on that is because we don't know if he can climb up and down stairs by himself or throw a ball overhand. We don't have stairs and I don't let him throw things in the house. We just have to expose him to that stuff.

For Halloween, Caleb was Bob the Builder. We went to our church's Fall Festival and we all had a blast!

Of course, we think he was the cutest one there!

We played lots of games and posed for silly pictures like this one!

As you can see, as good time was had by all!