Thursday, November 10, 2011

Conversations with Caleb - Syllable Edition

Today, during school, I was teaching Caleb about syllables. Part of this process was practicing counting the syllables in words appointed by our curriculum.
We had made it through lists with 1 and 2 syllables and I presented a list of words that were mixed up (1 would have 1 syllable and the next would have 2, etc).
Me: Caleb, what is this word?
Caleb: baby (clapping two syllables)
Me: How many syllables does baby have?
Caleb: 2
Me: Good. What is this next word?
Caleb: buh-y
Me: What?
Caleb: buh-y
Me: by?
Caleb: Yes, buh-y. It has 2, Mama.
Me: *sigh*
He's a Texan, for sure...

Friday, November 04, 2011

It Finally Happened

The kids have been fascinated for quite some time about my pregnancies and births with each of them. Both of them have just wanted to know how they got out of me, but never the other way around. They know that I had a c-section with both of them because they've seen photos of their births and we've briefly talked about the other way of having babies (without too much detail, of course). But no questions about the other.
Until today.
Caleb just randomly asked me today how he got into my tummy.
Now, I have been thinking about this conversation for a long time and how I would appropriately answer this question without going into specifics. I do not believe that a 6 year old boy needs to know all the particulars, so I've carefully considered what I should say, but still really had no idea what would actually come out of my mouth.
So, when the question came out of nowhere today, all I said was, "God put you there."
He seemed fine with that answer and went about his business, so we're going to leave it at that for now.