Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This past Sunday, our church had their annual Trunk or Treat, the event we put on for our community for Halloween.  The kids had a great time dressing up as a Jedi and Elsa (like every other girl in the country), playing games and getting candy.  We will go trick or treating in our neighborhood on Halloween itself, but this even is always one we look forward to the most!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Piper's Art Class

Right before our school year started, Caleb had a taekwon do demonstration at a homeschool group open house at our church.  This was a homeschool group I knew of, had friends in and considered joining and did that night.  One of the folks who were at this open house was an art teacher named Sandy.  She holds art classes for all ages of homeschooled kids at a local Hobby Lobby.
Of course, my ears perked up because, as we all know, an artist I am not.
And my girl is.
So, you see my problem here, right?
The more Sandy talked and the more I looked at the brochure, the more I thought I needed to make it work for my Piper, so we signed her up for a class.  Let's just say, she loves it!  This hits all the areas of art that I never could provide for my girl.  I'm so thankful for this class for my girl!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A Second Diagnosis

About four months ago, Caleb started complaining of some very low belly pain.  At first, I thought it might just be normal tummy trouble for him, but it got increasingly worse and was so bad that it would just stop him in his tracks, which is not normal for my tough boy.  So, I took him into the pediatrician to discuss possible issues.  There were some blood tests run and we were counseled to make an appointment with a local GI doctor.  I knew the name of the very best, but he's about 45 minutes to an hour away and had a long wait, so I just went ahead and called and scheduled the first free Tuesday or Thursday they had.

One of the blood tests run was a Celiac panel and our pediatrician felt it was negative, although there were some other revelations that provided some insight and baffled us, all at the same time but the major fear, appendicitis, was ruled out, so we waited.

About a month later, our appointment came up for us to see the GI doctor.  For whatever reason, this doctor was not able to read the lab results or look over Caleb's history prior to our visit, so we went on with a regular exam, complete with x-rays and consult and were sent home with a follow up scheduled.

As I was getting off the freeway to turn down the street that leads to our neighborhood, I received a phone call from the GI doctor, on his personal cell phone.  He asked me if I had knowledge of Caleb's blood work, of course I did, and he told me flat out that he believes Caleb has Celiac disease as well.  We would go ahead with our treatment we were sent home with and return for the follow up a couple of months later.

Today was that follow up appointment where we analyzed the blood work together and we both agreed that all the puzzle pieces fit together and that he has a 99% possibility of having Celiac.  If you couple that with his sister's history, it's a sure thing.  So, we treat for Celiac with a total gluten free diet for him.  I fear it will probably be harder since he's much more adventurous, food wise, than his sister is or will ever be, but we will work through it!  So glad to have an answer for my boy's distress and am ready to get him on track!