Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sales, Shoes and the Like

We've had quite a week! This past Saturday we had a very successful garage sale at our house with our friends from church, Luke and Melissa Dickey and Randy and Rae Koonce! The weather held out and we made lots of contacts and Jes and I met a few new people from the neighborhood, not to mention cleaning out the garage!

Caleb had a great time at the garage sale hanging out in his pack and play and throwing things out at inopportune times! A great time was had by all!

For those of you who haven't heard, our precious Caleb has started walking within the past few weeks. He took his first steps one day and by the end of the week, he was all over the place, upright! Hopefully this means a cut back on some medications. We have another swallow study scheduled for Monday and we have been told that his aspiration issues should resolve around the time he starts walking. We'll see what they say Monday.
He still is very clumsy when he walks, but that is mostly because he is focused on his destination and fails to notice things in his path. Other than that, he's getting around like the big boy he really is! Caleb has also discovered a love for carrying things around like balls and other toys and especially loves chasing after the cat. Poor Gus doesn't know what to think anymore. Most of the time he just lays down and waits it out! We think it's a great teaching experience for Caleb so that he will learn to be nice to animals just like he is with people!

One of Caleb's most favorite toys is his dad's calculator from college. One of Jes's degrees is in engineering so he has this calculator that can do everything. Caleb discovered it one day and gets great pleasure out of pushing the buttons and watching what happens. Every once in a while we have to swoop in and rescue the calculator when it starts flashing and genuinely looks like it's in pain! We thought this obsession with the calculator was confined to this one, but he seems to be fascinated by all of them!

Many of you know that Caleb has started going to the Mother's Day Out program at our church, First Baptist McKinney. He absolutely loves his teachers Miss Carmen and Miss Tina and he is learning colors and shapes already. He is able to identify blue and circle when asked, so we think he's quite the genius, but it's probably right on par with other 18 month olds.
Caleb also got his very first pair of Stride Rites this past week (see above picture). We innocently took him to the mall for a simple fitting and ended up falling in love with these shoes and had to have them. Caleb actually seems to like them too, an accomplishment for a child who refused to wear shoes peacefully until now. When he is wearing them, Caleb refuses to sit, always preferring to walk and sometimes even stands on his toes without support. Needless to say, it was a good purchase!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Caleb and his friend Lexi

Caleb in his swing at home! One of his favorite activities!

Caleb and his basketball, another favorite!

Our Busy Family

The school year has started and we have really kicked our activities into high gear. I am working again at the gym with the girls. There are 5 of them this year and one includes a senior. That will be a stretch for my brain! I am also teaching at CCCCD (Collin County Community College) again this semester. This fall, I am actually teaching 4 classes, which works out to be 5 nights a week. It will be busy, but I enjoy it.
Jesse is working in Denison, about a 45 minute commute from our home in McKinney. He loves the company he works for now and is even talking about us moving northward in the next few years!
Caleb started going to the Mother's Day Out program at our church. He just recently started walking (yea!!!) and being around all the other kiddos that have mastered the movement has really jumpstarted his efforts. He gets around the house really well now. I call him the Kamakaze Kid because sometimes it looks like he is trying to get somewhere fast and just hurls himself in that direction. It is really quite cute! He is getting into everything and keeps his dad and I very entertained!