Friday, March 08, 2013


I've started, erased, started, erased and now started this post multiple times.  So, I'm just going to start writing and what comes out will stay.  So here goes...

About a month to month and a half ago, Jes got a call about a job opening in another large city.  He gets these calls/emails nearly every other day (that is NOT an exaggeration).  Most of the time he doesn't even entertain the idea of these jobs, but this one seemed interesting.  This company was very interested in talking with him so he agreed to a phone interview, which happened late on a Wednesday evening.

He came home from that phone interview and said, "I will never hear from that company again."  

One week later, he was headed for a face to face interview.

Two weeks later, he went to Georgia for what we thought was another interview, but ended up being a 'let's meet to make sure that we love you, since we already think we do' type meeting.

He was offered the job, tentative to a background check and drug screen, and after some back and forth about salary, he accepted.  

The background check and drug screen came back this past Tuesday and he gave his notice that day.

So, we are moving.  To Houston.

To say that I've struggled with this decision from time to time is an understatement as all my family, friends, the kids' friends, the kids' activities and my job are here, but I am choosing to trust my husband and my God and know that everything will work out.  

I am choosing to look at this as an adventure, but that does not mean that I don't have my moments of sheer terror and fear. 

I have lived in North Texas, with the exception of my college and graduate school years, my entire life, so this will be a huge change for myself and our kids.  

We are in the process of looking for homes and will start packing up our house and placing things in storage that don't need to have in the house.  

Jes starts work in Houston on the 25th of this month, but I will stay behind in McKinney to continue packing things up, finishing out the semester at work, getting the kids to the end of their activities for the year and getting the house on the market.  Caleb, Piper and I will join him sometime in June or July, after our house sells and we get everything wrapped up here.  Jes will commute home each weekend and we will covet our time together, trying to soak up as much as we can before he has to leave again.

This is going to be hard, especially the next few months, but we are all committed to making this work as a family.  However, prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, etc are all appreciated!

Here's to our new journey!

**Whew!  So, glad that's out so I can now talk about it and post picture of the absolute chaos that is and is to come!**