Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Caleb's First Cub Scout Camp Out

This past weekend, Caleb's Cub Scout den went on their first big camp out of the year.  We all traveled to Cedar Hill State Park, about an hour away from McKinney for 2 days and 2 nights of fun!

Caleb was so excited about going camping, but more excited about spending time with all his Cub Scout friends!  He loves Cub Scouts and has really blossomed while in the organization and has had much success in this group.  All the boys get along so well and all the parents are so supportive and loving!  We are blessed to be in this group!

All of the boys in this group are homeschooled, so we all have a huge thing in common and are all working toward the bigger goal of raising up Christian men who will go on and become amazing fathers and husbands!  There is no ridicule or making fun in this group when one of the boys fail, but just lifting up and encouragement.

Since this was a family camp out, Piper came with us and so did her little friend who we have play dates with frequently.  It was nice for her to have someone to play with while the boys did their thing, as we were pretty scheduled with Scout stuff this whole weekend!

All the boys played games and were able to cross off some of the requirements for their wolf badge, what they are all striving to earn by the end of the year!

My boy is so blessed to be in this group and to have found all these other boys whom he shares so much in common!  We are blessed as parents to be able to participate in this amazing organization with these amazing parents!