Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Part 2 FOILED!

Well, today Caleb and I were supposed to make the trek to the Dallas Arboretum to take pictures in the pumpkin patch there, but we had to make an unexpected stop at the emergency room last night. Apparently, it was Jes's time to pass another kidney stone. It was a relatively uneventful one until the very end when they shot him up with some type of pain medication and he had an allergic reaction to it. Not a fun night for all of us. You can imagine...
Since it was so late when we got home, I make the executive decision to stay around town and rest a little, and to keep an eye on Jes as he stayed home from work. Maybe we'll make the trip some other time.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Part 1

With it being fall and all everyone is heading out to the pumpkin patches in their area. Our church put on a Mommy and Me playdate at our local pumpkin patch in Celina, just up the road from us. We decided to go and see if we could get our yearly pumpkin picture here. We didn't have much luck as Caleb was in a pretty foul mood (you'll see) and he insisted on smiling this huge toothy grin that just didn't look natural. Anyway, the pictures are as follows:

This pumpkin patch is a working farm and they have animals. Here Caleb is feeding the animals. This is the sheep he loved!

And there there were the goats...

and then there was this goat who ran off with Caleb's animal feed, cup and all. All this animal slobber sent my germaphobia into overdrive, so after I gave Caleb a bath in Purell, we steered clear of anymore animals!

Caleb with some pumpkins. Still in a good mood here...

Caleb looking pretty cute...

A good smile, finally. Now where is the pumpkin???

This tractor was the downfall of the day. While Caleb had a great time on it, he did not want to get off.

Happy as a clam, but notice the person waiting for their turn in the background. I had to drag him off (literally) and carry him away while he screamed, "mine", "ride", "my turn" and all other types of 2 year old obscenities.

In time out from being ugly to me, all stemming from having to get off the tractor. This was after a crying, throw yourself on the ground (well maybe not that bad, but it sure felt like it with all those other mom's looking at us) fit.

Time out, round 2. Still not being nice. Love this age...

Yes, I did actually let him get back on to have a picture with his friend KJ, but in my defense, this was an hour or more later and he didn't act as poorly when he got off because KJ was distracting him.

Picking out his pumpking from the pumpkin patch.

Found just the right one and we headed for home!
We are going to the Arboretum on Monday with my MOPS group, so maybe we'll get our pumpkin picture there. Be ready for round 2 soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Past Weekend

Sorry about the uninteresting title. I am having trouble being interesting lately...
I wanted to post this pictures of our weekend and the fun we had.

This picture isn't exactly from this weekend. In fact, I think it's a few weeks old, but it represents a huge milestone in our house for Caleb. For a long time we had to thicken every liquid that Caleb put into his mouth because he would aspirate it into his lungs if we didn't. Now that we don't have to do that it was time to teach Caleb how to drink out of a cup like a regular person. My mom bought Caleb this cup a little while ago and here he is drinking out of it unassisted. He's such a big boy!

Friday night Jes "surprised" me by planning this little birthday get together for myself and my friends. We went to Apricio's (not sure of the spelling, or pronunciation for that matter) in the square in McKinney. We have been here before and love the food, so it was a perfect place for my birthday dinner! Here's a picture of our table.

Here's the same picture at the opposite end. The people are as follows: starting on the left, Kevin and Courtney Chadwick, my daddy and mama, Lila and Andy Burkig, Shane and Angie Wade, Derek and Brynne Riley, us, and Melissa Dickey. We had a great time with all our friends! Thanks y'all!

Saturday we decided to make the trek out to Fort Worth to see the air show. We thought Caleb was finally old enough and he would like it. Turns out he did!

Here are Jes and Caleb getting ready to go see those huge planes!

This guy was flying around when we arrived and he would do things like this that you would swear would end up in a plane crash. It was really fun to watch, and a little scary!

Here are Caleb and I in front of some plane. I swore I would remember the names, but I'm not the airplane person in the family. If this weekend proves me right, I'm officially outnumbered by airplane people...

Like father like son. Caleb was fascinated with the workings of this plane. It must run in the genes!

Here are Caleb and the pilot of an Apache Helicoptor on his bird. Like how I snuck in a little terminology there. That's what living with an airplane guy for years will get you...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Just In Case Your Child Hasn't Embarrased You In Public Lately

I carry a rather small purse. I would guess by looking at it that it is roughly 8-10 inches long and 5-6 inches high. I made the switch recently to try and make something in my life a little simpler and lighter.
At any point in time if you happen to see Caleb and I out and about he will have my tiny little purse hanging over his neck while he beats on it saying, "bang, bang bang" the whole time. It's the small things that keep him entertained.
Today we ran to Sam's to pick up a few things that we needed. He was in the buggy with my purse around his neck doing his bang, bang, bang thing. Nothing out of the ordinary. As we were checking out I was paying less attention to him than normal. He was being fairly quiet (I've been a mom long enough to know that this is NOT a good thing) and as I turned around I noticed that he had unzipped my purse and was waving a certain feminine hygiene product around and started yelling, "bang, bang, bang". Sam's will be dead to me for at least a few weeks.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, today is the day. The day that I turn 30. Part of me is excited because I have been told that the 30's are so much better than the 20's. I'm holding to that. The other part of me is having a hard time believing it's even true because on the inside I still feel 16.
I wanted to do a list like Amanda over at Baby Bangs (see the side list for her blog), but I am very fuzzy about the actual ages by which I have done things. I guess it's dementia creeping in! :) Anyway, I thought I would give a list of the things that I have learned throughout these 30 years. Please do know that I am a work in progress and even though I have learned these things, it does not mean they are perfected!

1. It is never a good idea to eat half a tube of toothpaste, even if it is a new kind and tastes really yummy. You will scare your mom and dad later into thinking you have rabies as you foam at the mouth.
2. Even though you knocked out your 2 front teeth and didn't get them for 5 or 6 years, you are still a beautiful creature.
3. Having a baby changes EVERYTHING!!!
4. Even though your dad made you learn to ride a bike, you will be grateful later.
5. Learning how to drive is not as easy as it looks. You might actually get the dreaded "needs more improvement" letter from your driving school, but you will be just fine later on.
6. That boy that broke your heart at 18 may have seemed like "the one" but God knew that there was so much better for you out there just waiting.
7. Never, ever say that you won't be like your parents when you grow up because it is inevitable. It's going to happen. Just wait.
8. It doesn't matter how pretty you are or how smart you are or are not, you will always be loved by Him, even if you're not by him.
9. Throwing a printer out of a dorm room window will get you yelled at by your RA.
10. It's not what you say to people, it's all in how you say it.
11. Sometimes watching TV at home is just as exciting as travelling the world as long as you have your honey with you.
12. It's not the best idea to go grocery shopping hungry, even if you are just running in for that gallon of milk.
13. Parents are not a dumb as kids think they are.
14. Dyeing your hair a darker color, when it is already dark, without the help of a professional, will not turn out to be what you expect.
15. You don't have to make everyone happy.
16. Not everyone will like you.
17. The best compliment anyone can give is that you are a great mother.
18. It is not the best idea to let your child chew on a coat hanger while you are changing their diaper.
19. Looking at your radio while you are driving a car will eventually result in an unhappy mom and dad.
20. Age is only a number.
21. Kids don't come with a manual, but you have encyclopedias called moms, grandmothers, dads, grandfathers, walking around that can help.
22. It truely takes a village to raise a child.
23. Most teenagers are alike, and I don't care for them. Something to look forward to.
24. It doesn't matter how many children you have, just one makes you as much of a mother as someone who has 10.
25. It doesn't matter how self-sufficient and independent you are, everyone needs someone to talk to and lean on during the hard times.
26. C-sections are not as bad as alot of people make them out to be.
27. Guilt is just that, guilt. It is a useless tool that people use to manipulate others to get what they want. It shouldn't affect us.
28. Inspiration can come from the strangest places, but can last a lifetime.
29. When you are feeling bad or blue a kiss or hug from your child can make the day better.
30. I will not stop learning and growing as long as I learn and grow in Christ.

Monday, October 15, 2007

School Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) **UPDATE**

Without getting into the gory details of the reasons behind this issue I wanted to explain what was going on as I have received many e-mail and phone calls. Basically, it was my gut instinct that something just wasn't quite right and Caleb was very verbal about not being happy in school, specifically with one of his teachers. I also got a phone call from a friend of mine who teaches at the school who voiced some concerns about his teacher(s) and basically validated my "gut feeling". My friend Courtney told me that I'm the one who always says to follow your mama instinct and I tried to ignore it this time. Mmmm. Crow.
Anyway, after a lengthy discussion with the director of the program and Caleb's lead teacher, we decided to change some specific things in his class room and try it again. They really want me to leave him be for a month, but if I don't see any improvement in the next 3-4 school days, then we will be making a change. Caleb has been learning a lot and I really don't want to take him out of school, but if he is not getting the love and patience that he needs then we will come up with another alternative. Thanks to everyone who voiced concern over this. We appreciate your input and caring.

I will be meeting with the director at Caleb's school in the morning about moving him to another class. Please pray that my concerns are well taken and that they will be able to place him in another class or we will be removing him from Mother's Day Out. I will update when I know something.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My grandmother was readmitted to the hospital this morning with pneumonia. I am still in McKinney and will stay here until told any different, so it's not a dire situation, but it's still pneumonia.
She is as Baylor Garland, so a little closer. I'll update when I know more.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Our Family Update

There are quite a few people who are reading our blog now mainly for the purpose of updates on our family, particularly the situation with my grandmother. Many have asked and here are the newest things that I know.
My grandmother is starting to have some movement return to her affected side. She has begun intensive therapy in the skilled nursing unit that she is in and we are all expecting that she will regain at least some function on her affected (left) side.
She is fairing pretty well with her newest home, the Christian Care Center, but would still like to go home, of course. My grandfather is starting to be a little more positive about the outcomes of her situation. He is talking now in when and ifs, instead of declaring everything to be negative.
There is still a little work to be done on the financial end of things, but a meeting with an attorney today gave my grandfather a place to start. He is starting to consider remodeling the house for when she comes home!
The biggest thing that we need prayer for right now is the drama that is beginning to encapsulate the family. My grandmother has 2 other daughters, both from different marriages and my mom is her step daughter, so we are the picture of what a blended family looks like. This is starting to rear its ugly head though. My mom's sisters are dear people that we love very much but they are the type of people who thrive off drama. They are very worldly and we often question if they know our Maker, as their lives show no fruit. I guess what it boils down to is that they are starting to create drama and are actually trying control the situation. My grandfather is the one that is in control of all pertinent decisions, but they have actually gone behind his (and our) backs and told the nurses to withhold a medication that my grandmother has taken for years for sleep, as an example. As a result, she did not sleep. Not cool.
It is getting really difficult to view my aunts in a positive light as this whole situation progresses, but I am trying really hard to pray for them. Could you all please pray for them and their attitudes too? That way they will be covered. Just specifically pray that our Lord will bind their mouths and their minds from "drama causing" thoughts, words and actions. Thank you so much to all of you who are keeping up with all this and we cherish all of you as friends and love you very much!

Friday, October 05, 2007

What We've Been Doing Around Here

I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of Caleb lately, and honestly there haven't been many taken. Here are a few of the things that have been keeping us busy around the Mathis homestead, other than the normal stuff like work and school.

I honestly have no idea where and why I took this picture, but it's a cute one and I had to include it.

Here's Caleb sitting on our bed drawing while I do some work on the computer.

Caleb has always loved this laundry basket. He looks like he has just stuck his finger in a light socket here. I guess it's time for yet another hair cut...

For some reason, Caleb has taken to climbing in this particular window behind the blinds. He'll stand here for an hour, if I let him. This day, he was watching the rain shower we got and Jaq running around in it!

Unfortunately, this is another activity that we have been doing our fair share of lately. For those of you that don't know what this is, Caleb is taking a breathing treatment. He was sent home yesterday after an hour at school because of a bad cough and we went to the doctor shortly after that. He's on regular breathing treatments and an oral steroid. All in all, this is our first illness since earlier this year so that's pretty good for him.

We had a picnic in our living room today for lunch and I had to have a picture. Caleb sat on his airplane blanket that his aunt Joy made him and ate all his lunch like a big boy. It's been really hard keeping him inside and fairly calm during this little illness. This was so much easier when he was a baby! :)

I also wanted to update on my grandmother. She was discharged from Baylor Hospital of Dallas yesterday and moved to the Christian Care Center where she will be staying for as long as deemed necessary, or until we decide to move her elsewhere. She is doing some therapy herself on her left side, the affected one, and is asking to go home, so we'll have to see how long this placement lasts. Thank you for all your prayers!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Recent Update on my Grandmother

I wanted to update all of you on my grandmother. Tomorrow, she will have a feeding tube put in. This was always something that she said she didn't want to happen to her, but none of us could live with the fact that if we didn't do it she would starve to death. The neurologist was very open about that fact and just told my grandfather that that was what would happen and he couldn't see to that either.
She will be released shortly after the placement of the feeding tube, we're thinking Thursday or Friday. My mom and grandfather have worked really hard to get her a bed at the Christian Care Center which is right down the street from my parent's and my grandparent's house. This place has apartments for the more independent folks, and my other grandmother lives there. They also have a skilled nursing unit for those who need a little more help with everyday tasks, and my Memoy will be placed there. This way, she will get needed therapy and may regain some function and will be so much closer to her family and friends.
Please continue to pray for my family and their health. Everyone is holding up pretty well right now but are all exhausted with the tasks at hand. Now, my mom is working with financial advisors to figure out all the financial aspects of these new developments and what will happen in the event that this becomes a long term placement.