Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Part 1

With it being fall and all everyone is heading out to the pumpkin patches in their area. Our church put on a Mommy and Me playdate at our local pumpkin patch in Celina, just up the road from us. We decided to go and see if we could get our yearly pumpkin picture here. We didn't have much luck as Caleb was in a pretty foul mood (you'll see) and he insisted on smiling this huge toothy grin that just didn't look natural. Anyway, the pictures are as follows:

This pumpkin patch is a working farm and they have animals. Here Caleb is feeding the animals. This is the sheep he loved!

And there there were the goats...

and then there was this goat who ran off with Caleb's animal feed, cup and all. All this animal slobber sent my germaphobia into overdrive, so after I gave Caleb a bath in Purell, we steered clear of anymore animals!

Caleb with some pumpkins. Still in a good mood here...

Caleb looking pretty cute...

A good smile, finally. Now where is the pumpkin???

This tractor was the downfall of the day. While Caleb had a great time on it, he did not want to get off.

Happy as a clam, but notice the person waiting for their turn in the background. I had to drag him off (literally) and carry him away while he screamed, "mine", "ride", "my turn" and all other types of 2 year old obscenities.

In time out from being ugly to me, all stemming from having to get off the tractor. This was after a crying, throw yourself on the ground (well maybe not that bad, but it sure felt like it with all those other mom's looking at us) fit.

Time out, round 2. Still not being nice. Love this age...

Yes, I did actually let him get back on to have a picture with his friend KJ, but in my defense, this was an hour or more later and he didn't act as poorly when he got off because KJ was distracting him.

Picking out his pumpking from the pumpkin patch.

Found just the right one and we headed for home!
We are going to the Arboretum on Monday with my MOPS group, so maybe we'll get our pumpkin picture there. Be ready for round 2 soon!

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