Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sonogram Pictures

I know it's taken me forever to get these posted, but it's been pretty crazy at school and I just haven't been able to get to the scanner. Sorry about them being a little lopsided. I was in a slight hurry as I'm doing this right before a class that is located clear in Timbuktu!
This first picture is our little one's profile. Here, she looks just like Caleb did and it looks like she'll have Jes's nose. Thank goodness.

This picture is the 4D shot that they were able to get of her face. If you can't see it, she is looking to the left and her hand is up in the air. When Jes saw this shot, he said, "That is definitely one of our kids" as Caleb has always slept with his hands in the air or tucked behind his head. Must be genetic.
Anyway, in this shot her facial features look a little different, more like mine. We'll just hope that she keeps Jes's nose and she can have the rest of me!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Couldn't Resist

After I took Caleb to a playdate today, we had to make a run by Walmart for a few choice items. Of course, I had to wander over to the baby/kid's section of the store to see if there were any cute things for Caleb for the upcoming season. This is a habit of mine that might become dangerous if I keep doing what I did today.
I found these darling little numbers:

We've barely known for 24 hours that we're having a girl and I've already bought stuff. Like I said, I couldn't resist. Let the shopping commence!
By the way, I did find a 2 shirt combo (one is a polo shirt) on the clearance rack for Caleb, so he didn't come out empty handed!

Caleb's Valentine's Day Shirt

I totally meant to post a Happy Valentine's wish to everyone on the actual day, but of course I didn't. I was uploading pictures to my computer this afternoon and found this one taken on Valentine's Day of Caleb in his Valentine's Day Shirt. He has had this shirt all year and finally got to wear it out in public for all to see. I thought it was a cute picture and so very true!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sonogram Results

Are you ready for this? We're having a...


Everything looked great and we were able to get some good pictures of her even though she is very active. The sonographer also did a couple of 4D looks at her face and she looks just like Caleb! We had a little trouble seeing her female anatomy because for most of the test she had her legs clamped together and her ankles crossed. We had to do some poking and I was coughing a bunch to get her to spread eagle for just a little bit. We managed to get her to show her stuff for just long enough to see what wasn't there (and the little that is) and for the sonographer to get a couple of shots of her anatomy. We don't own a scanner, but I will use the one at work to post the shots we got of our little girl today! Thanks to all of you who were praying today that all would turn out great!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2 Going on 15

It's really no secret that in just a few short weeks, I will be mother to a 3 year old. Really, when did that happen? Just last week I was given a small glimpse into our future with a teenager, something I have dreaded since I tinkled on that stick over 3 years ago.
Anyway, a few days ago we had just returned home from the biweekly trip to school and Caleb was in a mood. (This not a rare occurance as he is usually so tired from the daily activities and lack of his normal 2 hour nap.) Caleb ran directly into his room right as we walked in the door and started playing with something. He was awfully quiet, so I came around the corner to check on him and make sure he wasn't climbing the walls (you think I'm exaggerating) and he was just standing next to his bed. I said to him, "Caleb, what are you doing?" and he turned, looked at me and said, "Bye, bye Mama." and tried to shut the door on me. Hello? When did he turn into a teenager with an attitude? This can't continue for the next 12-15 years!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pregnancy Dream

If you have had a baby, you know that we pregnant women have some rather strange and bizarre dreams. Last night I had one that was more scary than strange.
If you don't remember, during our first sonogram, the sonographer discovered that there were actually 2 sacs in my belly. She could only see one baby, but she told us that even though it was unlikely that there was a baby in the other, it couldn't be ruled out until our 20 week sonogram. This comment has haunted me this whole time. If God saw fit to give us 2 at the same time, we would deal, but I have not wanted multiples of any sort. I'm not totally sure that I can handle that.
Back to my dream. We went in for our sonogram (6 days from now by the way) and they found a baby in the other sac, so we were having twins. Jes and I were shocked as was our family.
I know it's only a dream, but these pregnancy dreams (and most of my dreams for that matter) are so life-like and seem so real. I'll be worried about this until next Thursday!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Please Pray For Ashley Adams

I read a blog on a regular basis about Ashley. The long and short of it is that she is not even 3 and has had multiple organs transplanted and has fought for her life on more than one occasion. Late last week, Ashley succumed to a pneumonia that her doctors are having a difficult time diagnosing and therefore, helping her overcome. It is a very scary situation for her and her family compounded by the fact that she had to be transported from her home in Longview (East Texas) to Nebraska to the hospital where her specialists are.

This is a picture from just a week or so ago when Ashley was home. I can't imagine the pain and despair this family is in watching their little pickle, as they call her, suffer. Click on the link to go to her blog and learn about this amazing family and little girl!
Pray for God's provision in this situation.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hello Again Emergency Room, Our Old Friend

Today we made a trip to the ER, but this time is was not for one of Jes's kidney stone issues, but for me.
I have a condition called Neurocardiogenic Syncope Syndrome. Basically all that means is that I am much more prone to passing out due to wild swings in my blood pressure and have many more irregular heart beats than the average person. I have a mild form of the condition which keeps me living a relatively normal life. Those with a worse type of the condition are bed bound and are on many medications, plus may or may not have a pacemaker. I just have to be really careful of my exposure to heat, limit my exercise, and consume around 2xs the amount of sodium and other electrolytes (lots of Gatorade) as the normal person.
Today I was packing up some boxes in Caleb's play room, as we are planning on moving him in there and using his current room as the new baby's room. I wasn't overexerting myself, however I felt very much like I was going to pass out. I have experienced this sensation enough times that I can tell before it happens.
I went and sat down but had to get right back up because Caleb was into something and I nearly lost it again. I figured it was time to call Jes (he was working down the street on an airplane) and he rushed home. He felt like we needed to go the hospital to have me and the baby checked out, just to be safe, so off we went to PHOP (Presby Plano, where my OB is).
Everything checked out fine, but I have to get back on my treatment regimine asap and watch for more symptoms. Thanks to my mom and dad who came right out and entertained Caleb and myself so that I could get properly looked at.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Evil Bug

It is not terribly uncommon for the house of Mathis to be stricken with a stomach bug. We just seem to be more susceptible to them around here than most. There is not a season that goes by when we (or most of us) don't get at least a couple of go arounds with one.

Jes had it earlier on in the week and now it has befallen Caleb. With Jes, I never really know if he has a bug or not as his digestive issues are extensive, usually slightly not on par, and highly questionable. Now that Caleb has it, we know that it was a bug.

So, I just finished spraying down the house with Lysol, including all his toys, and will commence with the disinfecting of all other surfaces, dispensing lots of water and Pedialyte, and washing of the hands every 12.2 seconds to make sure I don't get it.

Let's just hope and pray that it's a quick 24 hour thing. Maybe this is retribution for my complaining about having to change diapers lately. Ok, I get it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why Can't We Just All Get Along?

The other day I asked for some unsolicited advice anonymously on a mom's website that I have used in the past to get information in the past. What transpired was a whole list of good ideas to my issue and one particularly nasty post about me being a bad mother and how my son was going to meet some type of terrible demise because of my actions, or lack thereof.
So, here's my question, what gives some moms the idea that they can lump all their misgivings, unresolved issues, assumptions, and bad feelings onto other moms? Why does there have to be this idea of trying to be the best, or better than someone else, and in the process tearing the other mom down in the process? Why do other moms feel the need to judges and give dirty looks when your child is acting up knowing full well that theres will start screaming within the next half hour too?
Here's my point: we are all moms. We all love our kids more than we can express. We all want to best for them and want them to be safe, happy and feel loved.
I just feel very blessed that I am surrounded by supportive, helpful, loving moms who love my son as much as I do and vice versa.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Today I had to take Caleb to the doctor. No, he is not sick, but I still had to take him. Here's the story:
I have not been too thrilled with the physician in the pediatricians office that we go to. Some time ago, we happened into seeing the nurse practitioner, Betsy, and she is the only reason we stayed with that office. She listens to me and has always been on top of things and understands that I probably know Caleb better than anyone. Can't really say that about the doctor. Sigh...
Yesterday, as the winds howled and it reached 80 degrees (is it really February?), Caleb started his normal routine of sneezing and his eyes started watering. Usually when this happens, Betsy will give us whatever we need, knowing we've done this multiple times, without having to actually travel to the office, pay a copay, expose all of us to the myriad of germs that live in those offices, wait for an unearthly amount of time, only for someone to look at Caleb and say, "Oh, you're right, he does need _____ medication".
Anyway, today I called the office, forgetting that Betsy was on maternity leave still and got roped into actually having to brave the office. Something about needing to check his ears for infection, yet he's never had one and had no symptoms of one. After all the aforementioned bad stuff, we got the prescription I called for in the first place this morning, or so we thought.
I waited 2 hours, called the pharmacy to make sure they had the request. Of course they didn't. I called the doctor's office, and the doctor had sent the request to the wrong pharmacy, who knows where. After 2 more requests, someone at the pharmacy found it within their means to actually check the fax machine and see that it had been sitting there all this time, even though Jes was standing right there and I talked to them multiple times. If only people would do their jobs. Sigh...

Friday, February 01, 2008

One Fun Birthday Party!

Coming up on 2 weeks ago we attended our friends little girl's 2 year birthday party at Little Gym. I have to say it was one of the most fun birthday parties we have ever been to and will most likely copy the idea and have Caleb's 3rd party there.

Caleb and KJ playing on the bars together. You can never separate these two if they are in the same building.

Caleb played with jingle bells and sang songs,

we ran in circles singing songs,

rode on my shoulders singing a song (see a pattern here?)

stood on his head with the help of Daddy,

and jumped on a blow up contraption that allowed all the kids to get on at one time.

I love this picture, even though the lady in the background looks tired and I look like the broadside of a house.

After cake and singing the kids chased bubbles and we sadly had to go home. We had the best time!