Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why Can't We Just All Get Along?

The other day I asked for some unsolicited advice anonymously on a mom's website that I have used in the past to get information in the past. What transpired was a whole list of good ideas to my issue and one particularly nasty post about me being a bad mother and how my son was going to meet some type of terrible demise because of my actions, or lack thereof.
So, here's my question, what gives some moms the idea that they can lump all their misgivings, unresolved issues, assumptions, and bad feelings onto other moms? Why does there have to be this idea of trying to be the best, or better than someone else, and in the process tearing the other mom down in the process? Why do other moms feel the need to judges and give dirty looks when your child is acting up knowing full well that theres will start screaming within the next half hour too?
Here's my point: we are all moms. We all love our kids more than we can express. We all want to best for them and want them to be safe, happy and feel loved.
I just feel very blessed that I am surrounded by supportive, helpful, loving moms who love my son as much as I do and vice versa.


Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

First of all, some people will just say anything and be rude just because. I have certainly learned to ignore rude things people say about us having quads and the not so nice comments people have spread accross the web about us with a grain of assault.

But your post most certainly made me think about how i discipline my kids. In general if they disobey or misbehave they get a spanking or timeout. But When I'm out in public and they misbehave, I won't give them a spanking, not in the open anyway...why..cause I don't want someone to say I'm abussive or report me or something lame like that..but I also know if I don't other moms are looking at me thinking I'm a bad mom because I'm not disciplining them in that way. Either way I lose.

Mathis Family said...

I know more than anyone you get what I'm saying...