Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, if you haven't heard yet Piper has pneumonia now too. Oh, and Jes has a pretty bad head cold that our PA said could have the same results as the kids. yay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pneumonia Update

I totally meant to post an update yesterday (or even Friday) but Caleb felt better yesterday as shown by the fact that he was acting like a raving lunatic.
I took Caleb to the pediatrician on Friday morning because he just didn't seem to be getting any better. The doctor said he could still hear the pneumonia in his lung, and that shouldn't be after an antibiotic shot in the ER and 2 full days of antibiotics. What he decided was going on was it was a bacteria that is common to asthmatics that is causing this pneumonia and the antibiotic wasn't one that would cover it. So, we left the office with another antibiotic that should knock it out.
If you're keeping count, that means Caleb is taking 2 antibiotics, steroids and regular breathing treatments. This isn't including his regular meds that we have to keep up as well for maintenance. Since he's on so many antibiotics I decided to start him on a probiotic to try to ward off the big d. Let's just suffice it to say that it didn't work fast enough and I've been doing lots of laundry that involve just bottoms. Fun.
Yesterday I had the hardest time trying to keep Caleb sitting or just not running around. There's only so much one can watch on tv, play on the Leapster, read, etc before one goes stir crazy and that seems to be where we are now. We will stay in again today and I might take him to MOPS in the morning if he's feeling better but have them bring him to me when they go play so he's not running all over.
I'm just thankful that he's feeling better and getting back to his crazy, wild, strong-willed self.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here We Go Again

Thos of you who follow me on facebook know where Caleb and I spent our night last night. Those of you who don't, well lets just suffice it to say that we got reaquanted with our old friends in the Emergency Room of our local hospital.
Here's the way it went down:
A few days ago, right about the time the weather went from a normal 40-50 degrees during the day to 70+, Caleb started coughing a bit. I thought it was just his allergies from the drastic swingin the temperatures, and am still convinced that was probably what that was initially. His cough started getting worse and worse and culminated in sounding pretty bad yesterday. I broke out the nebulizer (it had actually be put away for months, which is huge for us! Usually the thing runs everyday for months on end, but I can't even remember the last time I had to get it out.) and give him a breathing treatment. It seemed to help some, so I went to work thinking he would be fine.
I got home from work around 9 and heard him in his room whimpering, not normal behavior for Caleb. When I went to check on him he was shaking. I thought for sure he had some sort of fever but I couldn't get any thermometer to read that he did. I gave him another breathing treatment because I noticed that he was working pretty hard to breath and it really didn't do any good. So, I decided to make a call to our friendly (not!) on call nurse. She told me to take him to the ER right away and off we went.
I'm not even going to get into how put off I was by some of the staff there, treating me like I was a raving lunatic and actually telling me I had no idea what was wrong with my son, but just suffice it to say that they were totally apologetic when the tests came back positive for pneumonia. Yep, that's right, my boy has pneumonia. Again. So he's on lots of antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments and should be good as new in a jif!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Add It To The List

Said to the kids in the past few days:

"Dear, would you please stop kissing my rear end?"

"Could you please not ride your sister like that?"

"No dear, playing in the toilet is not the fun that you think it is."

"Please don't drink the water that you just peed in."

"I don't think that we can bring another stuffed animal into this car. Why? Because all the seatbelts are full from the ones you have here already."

"No dear we don't bite others. If you bite yourself... Well, that did hurt alot, now didn't it?"

and the madness continues...

Friday, January 08, 2010


I took this photo of the temperature reading from my computer at noon today. When I got up this morning, it was 12 with a windchill of 0. We're just a bit cold here, ya think?

Monday, January 04, 2010

Piper's First Haircut

This past Saturday, I had a much needed hair appointment, so I scheduled for Piper to have her hair cut too while we were there. I figured that for a little girl, it would be best to have someone who cut women's/girl's hair on a regular basis do it the first time so that it would grow out a little more evenly. I really didn't expect that I would be taking her so soon for her first cut. I'm not really sure why, but I guess I thought that we would have to wait longer. Caleb was just 5 months old when we got his cut for the first time, but being a boy we wanted to make sure his was short. Like a boy's hair cut should be!

It ended up that Jes was able to be completely off work Saturday (a rare occurance these days) so Caleb stayed home with him and Piper and I took off for a girl's morning! My hair dresser is in Mesquite, about 45 minutes from home, but just up the street from my parents, so it was a fun trip, just the two of us.

While I was at the hair dresser getting my hair colored, Piper was able to hang out with my parents. While my hair was processing, both my dad and Piper were able to get theirs cut. Here's the last photo of her before the big moment. I was surprised how different she would look after she was done, comparing this photo to the last one.

Our hair dresser, Norma, got right to work and did a quick but very thorough job of shaping up Piper's hair and making it look more even. I really wanted Piper to have some bangs as I think that little girls are SO cute with that look and I was right that it would be super cute on my girl!

This is what she looked like when she was done. Norma was really impressed that she didn't cry or even make a sound while she was cutting her hair. Both my mom and I, at one point, had a hold of P's head, ensuring that she held it very still so that she could get the best results possible.

I took this picture today so that you could see what she loos like now that it has calmed down a bit. Her bangs are doing a little bit of a funky thing today, so that's why they look a little crooked, but all in all I'm glad that we waited long enough that this was the result that we were able to get. I think she just looks as cute as can be!