Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photo Shoot

If you are not a follower of mine on Facebook (which I know most of you are) then would not have seen these photos from a photo shoot we had done of the kiddos in July before we left for vacation. These are Caleb's 4 year old and Piper's 1 year old pictures. I can scarcely believe that I have a 4 AND 1 year old. We are truely blessed to have 2 happy, healthy and (mostly) well behaved children.

Friday, August 21, 2009


It happened around 6:30 tonight, August 21st, 2009: My Piper took her first unassisted steps. We have been watching her try and try for a few months now, but inspite of that it took me by surprise to see her just stand up in the middle of the floor and toddle right to me. It seems that she may have had some of the ability but has been holding out until the right moment and I am so glad that I was here to see it. This is a new exciting, yet somewhat terrifying chapter in our lives!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Update of Sorts

I'm not updating the blog because I have anything interesting, per se, but because I just can't stand to log on and see that picture of my grandparents with Caleb one more time at the top.
I've been working on a post/update on Piper and her development and will post that soon. It was such a relief to me when I didn't have to do those monthly updates anymore, but I have found myself missing them.
Since being back from our trip out west, Jes has been working some pretty ridiculous hours. While we were gone he got a phone call telling him that people were being let go, right and left. He was safe, but there were many people, whom he knew well, that were losing their jobs for one reason or another. It all pretty much came down to the fact that business has slowed due to the economy. However, since returning, he's had to work long hours day and night and even into the weekend. It seems to us that there may have been a rush to judgement in letting those people go (oh and did I mention the 5% pay cut for EVERYONE??). Yeah, fun times. Jes happens to be gone now on a road trip to Ruston, LA, but will be back this evening. Hopefully. We never know.
All of this week day craziness for Jes will HAVE to end on Monday as I go back to work. I've got a heavy load this fall semester with 4 class total. To put it in perspective, all full time instructors have to have 5, so I'm right at the cut off for associates. I did mention, joking of course, to the chair of my department that she should give me one more class and make me full time. She was completely serious when she told me that she would love to, but the money wasn't there. See, the economy has affected the colleges too, contrary to what the media says.
Caleb is doing well. We have started on some homeschooling things, since school is starting around here. The problem with it is that all the workbooks that I have are easy for him. One in particular is a 1st grade book and he's finished half of it in one day. The only reason he didn't finish all of it is because I made him stop. I have been hooked up with a group who is homeschooling this year and am going to meet with them and get some recommendations on some curriculum for him since I didn't get to go to the curriculum fair this year.
Piper, like I said, I will post about later all by herself, but she's just developing like she should. Talking up a storm and trying SO hard to walk. She's still a massive drama queen and we are certain that she's going to be a handful for as long as we have her. We are praying for her husband now, that he's a patient, kind, loving man who can put up with her! :)