Friday, April 05, 2013

Caleb's 8th Birthday

Wow, 8 years?  On some days it seems like it was just the other day that this boy was born in a flurry of fear and anxiety, and on others it seems like it's been a lifetime!
Caleb is still the most bright, smart, sweet, stubborn, march-to-the-beat-of-his-own-drummer kid that I've ever known!

On to the pictures:

I signed the kids up for a toy store promotion a few years ago where they get a coupon for some money off a purchase, so we always try to go and spend that money (and then some) for a gift from Jes and I.  To no one's surprise, Caleb decided on a new DS game that he had been wanting: Wheel of Fortune.  

At least it's somewhat educational, right?!?  

While we were making our purchase, the lady who checked us out was told by both kids that it was Caleb's actual birthday.  She insisted that we head right on over to the customer service counter for a balloon and a crown.  He wore this crown every where we went that day.  

While we were there, they also announced his birthday over the loud speaker.  It was one of the major highlights of his day.

I always take the kids where ever they want for lunch on their actual birthdays and this kid chose IHOP.  He has always had a deep and abiding love for the pancake house, so off we went.  The wait staff came over and brought him ice cream AND sang happy birthday to him.  He just about came unglued, he was so excited!  

Just a few days after his birthday, we had Caleb's party at California Pizza Kitchen.  I kind of planned this party on the fly after saying for months that we weren't going to do anything big.  FYI- I say that every year. Every year I find myself doing another birthday party post.  

We had a yummy cake delivered that was made to look like a pizza.  It was super cute and super tasty too!

We invited lots and lots of friends,

and his sister had fun too!  I had these aprons (you can see them in various photos throughout) made for all the kids as take home gifts.

The kids toured the kitchens,

learned about all the pizza making apparati,

and made their very own personal pizzas!

We had fun with our friends

blew out the candles,

opened presents,

ooo'd and ahh'd over some particularly fun ones,

and squealed in delight over the ones we really wanted.

All in all, I think Caleb had a great birthday and party!