Monday, January 04, 2010

Piper's First Haircut

This past Saturday, I had a much needed hair appointment, so I scheduled for Piper to have her hair cut too while we were there. I figured that for a little girl, it would be best to have someone who cut women's/girl's hair on a regular basis do it the first time so that it would grow out a little more evenly. I really didn't expect that I would be taking her so soon for her first cut. I'm not really sure why, but I guess I thought that we would have to wait longer. Caleb was just 5 months old when we got his cut for the first time, but being a boy we wanted to make sure his was short. Like a boy's hair cut should be!

It ended up that Jes was able to be completely off work Saturday (a rare occurance these days) so Caleb stayed home with him and Piper and I took off for a girl's morning! My hair dresser is in Mesquite, about 45 minutes from home, but just up the street from my parents, so it was a fun trip, just the two of us.

While I was at the hair dresser getting my hair colored, Piper was able to hang out with my parents. While my hair was processing, both my dad and Piper were able to get theirs cut. Here's the last photo of her before the big moment. I was surprised how different she would look after she was done, comparing this photo to the last one.

Our hair dresser, Norma, got right to work and did a quick but very thorough job of shaping up Piper's hair and making it look more even. I really wanted Piper to have some bangs as I think that little girls are SO cute with that look and I was right that it would be super cute on my girl!

This is what she looked like when she was done. Norma was really impressed that she didn't cry or even make a sound while she was cutting her hair. Both my mom and I, at one point, had a hold of P's head, ensuring that she held it very still so that she could get the best results possible.

I took this picture today so that you could see what she loos like now that it has calmed down a bit. Her bangs are doing a little bit of a funky thing today, so that's why they look a little crooked, but all in all I'm glad that we waited long enough that this was the result that we were able to get. I think she just looks as cute as can be!

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