Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pneumonia Update

I totally meant to post an update yesterday (or even Friday) but Caleb felt better yesterday as shown by the fact that he was acting like a raving lunatic.
I took Caleb to the pediatrician on Friday morning because he just didn't seem to be getting any better. The doctor said he could still hear the pneumonia in his lung, and that shouldn't be after an antibiotic shot in the ER and 2 full days of antibiotics. What he decided was going on was it was a bacteria that is common to asthmatics that is causing this pneumonia and the antibiotic wasn't one that would cover it. So, we left the office with another antibiotic that should knock it out.
If you're keeping count, that means Caleb is taking 2 antibiotics, steroids and regular breathing treatments. This isn't including his regular meds that we have to keep up as well for maintenance. Since he's on so many antibiotics I decided to start him on a probiotic to try to ward off the big d. Let's just suffice it to say that it didn't work fast enough and I've been doing lots of laundry that involve just bottoms. Fun.
Yesterday I had the hardest time trying to keep Caleb sitting or just not running around. There's only so much one can watch on tv, play on the Leapster, read, etc before one goes stir crazy and that seems to be where we are now. We will stay in again today and I might take him to MOPS in the morning if he's feeling better but have them bring him to me when they go play so he's not running all over.
I'm just thankful that he's feeling better and getting back to his crazy, wild, strong-willed self.

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