Friday, February 15, 2008

Pregnancy Dream

If you have had a baby, you know that we pregnant women have some rather strange and bizarre dreams. Last night I had one that was more scary than strange.
If you don't remember, during our first sonogram, the sonographer discovered that there were actually 2 sacs in my belly. She could only see one baby, but she told us that even though it was unlikely that there was a baby in the other, it couldn't be ruled out until our 20 week sonogram. This comment has haunted me this whole time. If God saw fit to give us 2 at the same time, we would deal, but I have not wanted multiples of any sort. I'm not totally sure that I can handle that.
Back to my dream. We went in for our sonogram (6 days from now by the way) and they found a baby in the other sac, so we were having twins. Jes and I were shocked as was our family.
I know it's only a dream, but these pregnancy dreams (and most of my dreams for that matter) are so life-like and seem so real. I'll be worried about this until next Thursday!


Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

Hehe! I should'nt be laughing but I could not help it. Long before I ever met Donny and way before I ever got married, I had a strange dream that I gave birth to a tiny did not even look real it was so small. At the time I was young and did not even know very preemie babies could in all reality be that small. It was scary in my dream. But crazy thing was, many years later..the quads came..and they were just as small as that tiny baby in my dream. I've always wondered about that dream.

Mathis Family said...

Oh, you shouldn't have told me that...