Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Our Family Update

There are quite a few people who are reading our blog now mainly for the purpose of updates on our family, particularly the situation with my grandmother. Many have asked and here are the newest things that I know.
My grandmother is starting to have some movement return to her affected side. She has begun intensive therapy in the skilled nursing unit that she is in and we are all expecting that she will regain at least some function on her affected (left) side.
She is fairing pretty well with her newest home, the Christian Care Center, but would still like to go home, of course. My grandfather is starting to be a little more positive about the outcomes of her situation. He is talking now in when and ifs, instead of declaring everything to be negative.
There is still a little work to be done on the financial end of things, but a meeting with an attorney today gave my grandfather a place to start. He is starting to consider remodeling the house for when she comes home!
The biggest thing that we need prayer for right now is the drama that is beginning to encapsulate the family. My grandmother has 2 other daughters, both from different marriages and my mom is her step daughter, so we are the picture of what a blended family looks like. This is starting to rear its ugly head though. My mom's sisters are dear people that we love very much but they are the type of people who thrive off drama. They are very worldly and we often question if they know our Maker, as their lives show no fruit. I guess what it boils down to is that they are starting to create drama and are actually trying control the situation. My grandfather is the one that is in control of all pertinent decisions, but they have actually gone behind his (and our) backs and told the nurses to withhold a medication that my grandmother has taken for years for sleep, as an example. As a result, she did not sleep. Not cool.
It is getting really difficult to view my aunts in a positive light as this whole situation progresses, but I am trying really hard to pray for them. Could you all please pray for them and their attitudes too? That way they will be covered. Just specifically pray that our Lord will bind their mouths and their minds from "drama causing" thoughts, words and actions. Thank you so much to all of you who are keeping up with all this and we cherish all of you as friends and love you very much!

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Hey Shannon,

I'm really sorry to know about your grandma. Call me.