Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, today is the day. The day that I turn 30. Part of me is excited because I have been told that the 30's are so much better than the 20's. I'm holding to that. The other part of me is having a hard time believing it's even true because on the inside I still feel 16.
I wanted to do a list like Amanda over at Baby Bangs (see the side list for her blog), but I am very fuzzy about the actual ages by which I have done things. I guess it's dementia creeping in! :) Anyway, I thought I would give a list of the things that I have learned throughout these 30 years. Please do know that I am a work in progress and even though I have learned these things, it does not mean they are perfected!

1. It is never a good idea to eat half a tube of toothpaste, even if it is a new kind and tastes really yummy. You will scare your mom and dad later into thinking you have rabies as you foam at the mouth.
2. Even though you knocked out your 2 front teeth and didn't get them for 5 or 6 years, you are still a beautiful creature.
3. Having a baby changes EVERYTHING!!!
4. Even though your dad made you learn to ride a bike, you will be grateful later.
5. Learning how to drive is not as easy as it looks. You might actually get the dreaded "needs more improvement" letter from your driving school, but you will be just fine later on.
6. That boy that broke your heart at 18 may have seemed like "the one" but God knew that there was so much better for you out there just waiting.
7. Never, ever say that you won't be like your parents when you grow up because it is inevitable. It's going to happen. Just wait.
8. It doesn't matter how pretty you are or how smart you are or are not, you will always be loved by Him, even if you're not by him.
9. Throwing a printer out of a dorm room window will get you yelled at by your RA.
10. It's not what you say to people, it's all in how you say it.
11. Sometimes watching TV at home is just as exciting as travelling the world as long as you have your honey with you.
12. It's not the best idea to go grocery shopping hungry, even if you are just running in for that gallon of milk.
13. Parents are not a dumb as kids think they are.
14. Dyeing your hair a darker color, when it is already dark, without the help of a professional, will not turn out to be what you expect.
15. You don't have to make everyone happy.
16. Not everyone will like you.
17. The best compliment anyone can give is that you are a great mother.
18. It is not the best idea to let your child chew on a coat hanger while you are changing their diaper.
19. Looking at your radio while you are driving a car will eventually result in an unhappy mom and dad.
20. Age is only a number.
21. Kids don't come with a manual, but you have encyclopedias called moms, grandmothers, dads, grandfathers, walking around that can help.
22. It truely takes a village to raise a child.
23. Most teenagers are alike, and I don't care for them. Something to look forward to.
24. It doesn't matter how many children you have, just one makes you as much of a mother as someone who has 10.
25. It doesn't matter how self-sufficient and independent you are, everyone needs someone to talk to and lean on during the hard times.
26. C-sections are not as bad as alot of people make them out to be.
27. Guilt is just that, guilt. It is a useless tool that people use to manipulate others to get what they want. It shouldn't affect us.
28. Inspiration can come from the strangest places, but can last a lifetime.
29. When you are feeling bad or blue a kiss or hug from your child can make the day better.
30. I will not stop learning and growing as long as I learn and grow in Christ.


Liz Dixon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shannon!! 30 is the new 20!! I love your list. Have a wonderful day!

Valerie & Michael Harris said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Coby and Sally said...

What a sweet list and funny at the same time. Thanks for sharing your heart. Happy Birthday!