Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Past Weekend

Sorry about the uninteresting title. I am having trouble being interesting lately...
I wanted to post this pictures of our weekend and the fun we had.

This picture isn't exactly from this weekend. In fact, I think it's a few weeks old, but it represents a huge milestone in our house for Caleb. For a long time we had to thicken every liquid that Caleb put into his mouth because he would aspirate it into his lungs if we didn't. Now that we don't have to do that it was time to teach Caleb how to drink out of a cup like a regular person. My mom bought Caleb this cup a little while ago and here he is drinking out of it unassisted. He's such a big boy!

Friday night Jes "surprised" me by planning this little birthday get together for myself and my friends. We went to Apricio's (not sure of the spelling, or pronunciation for that matter) in the square in McKinney. We have been here before and love the food, so it was a perfect place for my birthday dinner! Here's a picture of our table.

Here's the same picture at the opposite end. The people are as follows: starting on the left, Kevin and Courtney Chadwick, my daddy and mama, Lila and Andy Burkig, Shane and Angie Wade, Derek and Brynne Riley, us, and Melissa Dickey. We had a great time with all our friends! Thanks y'all!

Saturday we decided to make the trek out to Fort Worth to see the air show. We thought Caleb was finally old enough and he would like it. Turns out he did!

Here are Jes and Caleb getting ready to go see those huge planes!

This guy was flying around when we arrived and he would do things like this that you would swear would end up in a plane crash. It was really fun to watch, and a little scary!

Here are Caleb and I in front of some plane. I swore I would remember the names, but I'm not the airplane person in the family. If this weekend proves me right, I'm officially outnumbered by airplane people...

Like father like son. Caleb was fascinated with the workings of this plane. It must run in the genes!

Here are Caleb and the pilot of an Apache Helicoptor on his bird. Like how I snuck in a little terminology there. That's what living with an airplane guy for years will get you...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun...wish I would have known about it.