Monday, October 15, 2007

School Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) **UPDATE**

Without getting into the gory details of the reasons behind this issue I wanted to explain what was going on as I have received many e-mail and phone calls. Basically, it was my gut instinct that something just wasn't quite right and Caleb was very verbal about not being happy in school, specifically with one of his teachers. I also got a phone call from a friend of mine who teaches at the school who voiced some concerns about his teacher(s) and basically validated my "gut feeling". My friend Courtney told me that I'm the one who always says to follow your mama instinct and I tried to ignore it this time. Mmmm. Crow.
Anyway, after a lengthy discussion with the director of the program and Caleb's lead teacher, we decided to change some specific things in his class room and try it again. They really want me to leave him be for a month, but if I don't see any improvement in the next 3-4 school days, then we will be making a change. Caleb has been learning a lot and I really don't want to take him out of school, but if he is not getting the love and patience that he needs then we will come up with another alternative. Thanks to everyone who voiced concern over this. We appreciate your input and caring.

I will be meeting with the director at Caleb's school in the morning about moving him to another class. Please pray that my concerns are well taken and that they will be able to place him in another class or we will be removing him from Mother's Day Out. I will update when I know something.

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so what happened yesterday?