Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Part 2 FOILED!

Well, today Caleb and I were supposed to make the trek to the Dallas Arboretum to take pictures in the pumpkin patch there, but we had to make an unexpected stop at the emergency room last night. Apparently, it was Jes's time to pass another kidney stone. It was a relatively uneventful one until the very end when they shot him up with some type of pain medication and he had an allergic reaction to it. Not a fun night for all of us. You can imagine...
Since it was so late when we got home, I make the executive decision to stay around town and rest a little, and to keep an eye on Jes as he stayed home from work. Maybe we'll make the trip some other time.

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Liz Dixon said...

OH NO!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that. Jes has had far more than his fair share of those nasty kidney stones. Poor guy! I hope tonight is a better night.