Monday, October 01, 2007

Recent Update on my Grandmother

I wanted to update all of you on my grandmother. Tomorrow, she will have a feeding tube put in. This was always something that she said she didn't want to happen to her, but none of us could live with the fact that if we didn't do it she would starve to death. The neurologist was very open about that fact and just told my grandfather that that was what would happen and he couldn't see to that either.
She will be released shortly after the placement of the feeding tube, we're thinking Thursday or Friday. My mom and grandfather have worked really hard to get her a bed at the Christian Care Center which is right down the street from my parent's and my grandparent's house. This place has apartments for the more independent folks, and my other grandmother lives there. They also have a skilled nursing unit for those who need a little more help with everyday tasks, and my Memoy will be placed there. This way, she will get needed therapy and may regain some function and will be so much closer to her family and friends.
Please continue to pray for my family and their health. Everyone is holding up pretty well right now but are all exhausted with the tasks at hand. Now, my mom is working with financial advisors to figure out all the financial aspects of these new developments and what will happen in the event that this becomes a long term placement.

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