Thursday, November 10, 2011

Conversations with Caleb - Syllable Edition

Today, during school, I was teaching Caleb about syllables. Part of this process was practicing counting the syllables in words appointed by our curriculum.
We had made it through lists with 1 and 2 syllables and I presented a list of words that were mixed up (1 would have 1 syllable and the next would have 2, etc).
Me: Caleb, what is this word?
Caleb: baby (clapping two syllables)
Me: How many syllables does baby have?
Caleb: 2
Me: Good. What is this next word?
Caleb: buh-y
Me: What?
Caleb: buh-y
Me: by?
Caleb: Yes, buh-y. It has 2, Mama.
Me: *sigh*
He's a Texan, for sure...

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livingentheword said...

haha, very cute. :0)