Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fun in the Flowers

This past week has been quite busy for us. We finally researched and decided on a group to come in and do Caleb's therapy in our home, Early Childhood Intervention or ECI for short. As best I can tell, they seem to have it all together and come highly recommended. Thanks Dixons!!!
We also (finally...) decided on tickets for Christmas. We are going westward, Oregon specifically, and found a great deal on tickets into Medford, which cuts our drive from 4 hours down to 30 minutes! So worth the plane trip on the prop plane. I can't say that I'm looking forward to getting on that little plane, though!
Caleb has really progressed in the past few weeks, verbally. At his 18 month visit, our suspicions were confirmed as they told us that he has the vocabulary of a 2 year old! He is starting to form short sentences like "all gone", "all done", "let's go", etc. He has also added a few more words to his arsenal. The newest one is oww, so I am constantly looking at him as he walks through the house saying "oww". Reminds me of times gone by!!

We went to the Dallas Arboretum this past Sunday with my mom, dad, and grandmother. We had a great time and got lots of cute pictures. We found this great patch of pink flowers and I drug Jes into this picture.

At the Arboretum, they have a few water features. Caleb is illegally sitting on the frog feature. That's my dad behind him. They had the best time playing in the water!

One of the main reasons we went to the Arboretum was to get our annual picture of Caleb with a pumpkin. Now we have one of Caleb ON a pumpkin. Too cute!

We were all pooped when we left and as you can see, Caleb didn't make it far before he passed out!

For those of you who read our blog and don't live nearby, we had our first "cold snap". To the Mathis household (at least to me) that is 50 and below. This meant we got to pull out all the great new clothes that MawMaw bought for Caleb. Thanks MawMaw.

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