Thursday, December 17, 2009

aaaaaaaand the saga continues (cue the Star Wars Theme here)...

Yes, ok, so I've lost my ever loving mind. If that title doesn't prove it, I don't really know what does.
This post is going to be about, what else, this stupid lymph node issue I've got going on here. Just warning you so you can click away if you don't want to read about it yet again.
Last week I went to the surgeon. This is the surgeon that my sweet PA, Carol, sent me to for a simple second opinion on the whole situation. This guy was everything a surgeon is, cocky and scalpel happy, but good. He did a full examination from the clavicle up to determine if there was anything else that seemed amiss and he couldn't find anything, including the offending lymph node. I had to point it out to him, literally putting my finger on it and him doing it as I moved mine. "Ah, yes, I see what you mean" is what he said. After some questions, he determined that I needed surgery. right. then. Well, then.
He also said that it was either a lymph node that is working hard or cancer. Lovely. Seeing as I have no other symptoms, confirmed by himself, I managed to get him to agree to wait another month. If this continues to improve, then we'll do nothing, but if nothing changes he wants to do surgery. I'm not too thrilled with that idea so I'm going to do a couple of things that may help: a detox and a lymphatic massage. Hopefully, these two things will shrink this thing even just a little more and I won't have to worry about this anymore...

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