Monday, February 08, 2010


I live in the South, always have and (God willing) always will.
Here in the South, we tend to stay close to our family and hold tight to our values. However, the attitude and practice of excluding people because they don't happen to hold the same beliefs and or values has always bothered me.
In the past few months, I have noticed that I have been put into situations where I have been forced to spend large amounts of time with others who would fall into the category as holding a different view on life that I do.
To say that this is easy is such a backwards thought, it happens to be one of the more difficult things that I've had to deal with. It's hard to sit and hear someone bash what you believe and not get emotional.
I have, instead, tried to learn from these men and women that have been put in my path. Instead of ignoring them and blowing them off, I am trying to see where they may be coming from, what led them there and why they believe what they believe.
It's hard and many times I don't want to do it, but I think that this is supposed to be a learning experience for me.
Will I still be a Conservative, pro-life, vaccinating, circumcising, God fearing, church going, family loving Southern woman? Most certainly, but maybe I'll also be a more inclusive, loving, patient, kind, hard working, persistent, consistent, passionate person as well. And really, the world could use more of those.


Natalie W said...

I completely relate to this post. I am sure the diversity you face daily with such a large liberal group (college is the best!) can be a tad unnerving, I am glad you can make some sense of it within. It's difficult, but your thoughts have helped me address similar issues and cope as well.

I know we are either end of the seesaw :) I am a fiscally conservative, way socially liberal, can't commit to church since my brother committed suicide, vaccinating, pro circumcision, breast feeding, and perpetually indecisive; I have a feeling we may have more in common than the surface will allow.

I think its important that we take time to allow ourselves to step outside our comfort zone and reach for answers 'on the other side,' whether it be politics, religion, motherhood, family life. We can remain steadfast in our own beliefs, but what is God without reaching across that threshold? What is learning from others unless we can swallow pride and listen; without a judgment in sight.

The aforementioned for me, have been the hardest. It's so easy to temper, but harder to quell that urge and to understand difference.

I appreciate this post, it seems to have benefitted the audience more than the poster. :)

Michael & Valerie Harris said...