Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's Up, Buttercup?

Yes, I'm really still alive.  We have just been super, super busy and I just haven't had time to carve out to update here.  I'm hoping, with the ending of school here and summer starting, I'll be able to get back on the horse and update more frequently.
Here's what's been happening lately:

  • I had a very good endocrinologist appointment last week, where I was given a clean bill of health and don't have to return for a year.  That is unless I start feeling poorly or get pregnant.  Neither of which is likely to happen, but it was worth mentioning since we talked about it in my appointment.
  • We are juuuuuuuuust about done with school proper around these parts.  Caleb has a couple more lessons to complete and we will continue with some very short, basic things through the summer to ensure he doesn't lose skills.  Piper hasn't really been doing anything specific, so this summer will be spent trying to come up with a game plan for the next school year.  This will be her last year as a preschooler, so we've got to start working on school skills like sitting for extended periods of time, and not running off every 30 seconds.  She's started to write and spell and is reading some basic sight words, so the transition into school work will be fairly easy, I hope, for her.
  • My mom and I made our annual trek to the homeschool curriculum fair a couple of weeks ago in order to get Caleb's curriculum for 2nd grade.  Which, can I just say, I can't believe we're here already!  How did we get to this point so fast?!?  Anyway, I had done some research beforehand and couldn't find anything that I liked more than the curriculum we were already using, so I had pretty made up my mind we would go with that.  We quickly made our way through the vendors and made a bee line for the booth we knew we were looking for, purchased our boxes, and were heading out, all in under 2 hours.  
  • That same night, we had a surprise birthday dinner for my dad with my 2 brothers and sister and their families.  It was super fun and my dad was so surprised!  Let me just take this time to say, I love my family so, so much and love hanging out with them!  They are so fun and I'm so, so blessed to have these people in my life and my kids' lives!
  • School (my work) ended a week and a half ago and I've still got approximately 2 weeks left, maybe a smidge less, before I have to go back.  I'll be working my normal late, 4 night a week summer schedule, which will be brutal, but it's worth it in the end.  
  • We are finishing up the year in dance with Piper this next week and her recital is the following Saturday.  Be prepared for some insanely cute photos coming up!  We're carefully considering letting her take a 4 week dance course in the summer as well, since she loves it so much!  
So, that's the long and short of it.  We've been busy, but things are starting to slow down a bit!  We're looking forward to a summer of fun and I'm sure I'll have lots to post about here!

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