Sunday, September 09, 2012


We don't have many milestones around the Mathis house anymore.  I've officially reached the point in my life where my youngest child is the age of many of my friend's oldest kids.  What this means is that many of my friends have children who are still in diapers, using pacifiers, not sleeping through the night, some even are infants which is a completely different level of torture.
Around here, we are all taking care of our potty business on the potty (even though I still have 1 tiny hiney that I have to wipe since Miss Diva refuses to do it), have given up our paci's, sleeping (mostly) through the night, and have thankfully given up all the other trappings of being a baby.
However, there are still a few things that we have yet to see conquored.  One of which, Jes and Caleb worked on this weekend: riding his bike without training wheels.
Admittingly, Caleb is not the most athletic child, most of the time choosing to read a book over playing a sport, but we really want him to learn this skill so off went the training wheels.
I've attached a couple of videos and in the second one, you see Caleb ride for a little distance completely unassisted.  For a kid who was late to walk and late to do most things physical due to his rough start, this is a huge milestone!
We are so very proud of our boy!  I just had to share!  Oh, and ignore my excited yelling!

Not to be outdone, here's  little video of Piper riding her scooter.  You get a little glimpse of my normal conversations with our little one.  I ask her what she's doing and she starts talking about a tiny bug.  That's my girl!

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