Monday, January 07, 2013

Piper's New Accessories

For about 2 years now, Piper has talked practically non-stop about getting her ears pierced.  It started out as an appreciation for all things sparkly, including earrings.  I used to take her to various jewelry stores so that she could look at all the pretty things and we would always end up looking at all the earrings.  I would always tell her that we would buy her some of those sparkly earrings, if only she would get those sweet little ears pierced.  Her answer, 100% of the time, was NO!  

Until about 1 month ago.

We had had this same conversation for about 2 years, so when she said she would do it, I decided that I would take her the first chance we had and get it done before she lost the nerve.  

With the holidays, our time has been limited to make the trip to the mall and get it done, so this past Thursday became the day and off we went.  Before we headed over to the mall, some friends who we have frequent playdates with texted and we invited them along.  In all, it was 4 adults and 7 kids (counting P) who came along to give support and love to Piper as she had this done.  (Have I mentioned my amazing friends?!?)

I've posted the progression of photos below because no words could adequately describe the change that happened in my sweet girl as the process progressed.

She climbed up in the chair and sat happily, not knowing what was awaiting her.  You'll notice her right hand is being held by my dear friend, Miriam.  She was a bit nervous, but was excited!

Still ok, but getting a little apprehensive.

She let the girl pull her hair back with the clips and they were working on marking her ears so she wasn't completely uneven.  This is where my friend, Alison worked her magic, as she is so very precise and made sure her ears weren't totally wonky.

I made sure that they would pierce both ears at once, as I knew that if we had one done there was NO WAY that she would ever do the other.  She was a little more nervous here and you can see Miriam is still holding her hand (right hand) and now I have the other one (left).  I was having her look at me and I was talking to her too.  Her brother's head is at the very bottom right of the picture, as he was cheering her on the whole time!

The very moment they pierced her ears.  She was NOT happy.

Poor thing screamed, not just cried, but screamed for the next 30 minutes.

Still screaming...

STILL screaming...

And STILL screaming!  There was a line of people behind us waiting to get pierced.  I'm surprised we didn't clear the store out...

We walked all the way through the mall to the food court to get lunch and she was still crying.  Poor little drama queen.  Bless her heart!   

I finally got a little smile out of her and you can kind of see her little pink, sparkly flower earrings, complete with one pitiful tear.  

And ten there was this no more than 10 minutes later.  Homegirl can turn it off and on.  As a side note, she LOVES, and I mean LOOOOOOOVES her new earrings, now I just have to get her a whole collection of her newest accessory!

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