Thursday, May 02, 2013

Chicken Without A Head

Hi peeps!

Wow, things have been SO, SO busy around here!  Basically, I'm running around like a chicken without it's head, just trying to get the most basic task done.  Essentially, this is how my schedule works:

Monday- We usually have either a MOPS meeting or a Steering meeting, both of which I must attend, as I'm the coordinator of the group.
Tuesday- We usually have any doctor appointment or grocery shopping this day.
Wednesday- Piper has dance in the morning, we usually go home or meet friends for lunch and then leave again and head to my parent's church for dinner and then children's choir.
Thursday- Basically, the same as Tuesday, but I also try to get a lot of my grading for work done this day.

Then, add in the fact that on Tuesday AND Thursday, I leave for work at 5pm and don't return until around 9pm.  On Monday AND Wednesday, I leave for work around 8:30pm and don't get home until after 10:30, sometimes close to 11.

Add in all the things that I've got to do around the house to just keep it running and the kids fed and clothed.

Oh, and homeschooling too.

Then there are all the boxes.  Packing as much as I can at the end of the week and weekend, leaving Monday through Thursday for work and other things, leads me feeling a bit frantic and chaotic.

This will all end soon for a bit, as my semester is mostly over at the end of next week, but that doesn't stop the frantic from creeping up on me.

So, if you email me and I don't respond for a little while, you now know what is going on around here.  Please know that I'll get back to you!  I'm just trying to keep my head attached for now!

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