Monday, June 10, 2013

Piper's Recital

The same day that we had all the million showings on our house, Piper had her big, end of year recital.  

This year was a little different for one reason: costume change.  

Piper has been dancing with Cindy's School of Dance for 3 years, and last year had 2 numbers in the show, but this year they did a costume change with it.  

Here is P in her first number's costume.  This was their tap routine that they performed with a doll and a stroller.  It was precious, but this routine was the one that made me the most nervous.  See, my tiny dancer just does not like, nor does she excel, in tap.  She's a ballet/jazz kind of girl, but there were no offerings for a ballet/jazz combo class for 4 year olds.  At this stage, you take the class that your age puts you in.  If we were to stay with Cindy's, we would move up to the 5 year old jazz class next year.

Here's P in her second costume, the one she wore for her jazz number.  She loved this number and really does so well in this form of dance.  The little girl in the photo with her is my dear friend's little girl, Kaylie.  These two are about 2 years apart in age, but are inseparable. Kaylie looks up to Piper in so many ways and just had to come to her recital!

As always, the whole crew came, but Caleb was especially proud of his sister.  I love these little jokesters so much!

There has been much talk in our house about whether P will continue in dance after we move to Houston.  However, after performing on stage at her recital, she's now saying that she wants to continue.  So, I have to work on finding a good dance school once we get there and get her signed up.  **Side note: We go through this indecision every year, as P talks about wanting to pursue gymnastics.  I'm not 100% ok with her doing gymnastics because of the wear and tear on her little body, but I would be ok with her trying it.  I always breath a sigh of relief when she circles back around to dance.**

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Anonymous said...

Aww, P looks so cute in her costumes, and I love the picture of her and Caleb hugging.