Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Christmas Season

I was just telling someone the other day that it seems like all year we never have anything going on on the weekends until the holidays, specifically Christmas, rolls around. This year is no different. We have had some type of Christmas related activity every weekend in the month of December. This post is dedicated to those fun filled, sugar driven weekends!!
My mom decided earlier in the year to take myself, Caleb, my sister Michelle, and her daughter Dixie to A Very Veggie Christmas Live. We had a great time and Caleb got to really cement in his mind just exactly who Bob and Larry are. The genius that he is, :), he differentiates beautifully between the all obsessive Bob the Builder that he loves so dearly and Bob the Tomato. We're so proud...

Caleb was so excited to get the show started! The only issue he had was there was a back story written in where Pa was working on some secret project. This project kept going awry and there were lots of bangs, booms, and flashing lights. Everytime this happened during the show, Caleb had a meltdown. Maybe we should skip the 4th of July this year too... :)

I just wanted to include a few shots of the actors as well as the veggies. It was so very cute and Caleb and his cousin Dixie had a great time!

Thanks for the show MawMaw!
The very next weekend was my parent's annual Christmas get together for my dad's kids and their kids. This includes 2 of my brothers, one of which is married with 2 girls, Tristen and Madisen, the other brought his girlfriend Lisa and her twin nieces, and my sister and her daughter Dixie and son Matt. Needless to say it was a full house!

We had a great time and Caleb got this dump truck from his MawMaw and PawPaw. As you can tell, he didn't quite understand at the time what it was meant to do.

I tried to get a happy picture of Caleb under my parent's tree, as we didn't put one up this year. This was the best he could do. After a hard, long day he still looks pretty happy. He's our precious little gift!

The next weekend, my parent's church was putting on their nativity scene production. Mama and Daddy took to calling it the "drive-by" nativity scene as their church is not in the best neighborhood anymore. A great ministry opportunity, but it can make for some interesting outdoor evening activities. My mom was the angel and my dad was a shepherd. Caleb got the biggest kick out of his Mawmaw and her wings and halo!
Since we are going to Jes's parents house this Christmas, we opted out of all the decorations and didn't buy Caleb many gifts (as if he really needed anymore toys!). The one thing we did purchase for him was a broom and dust pan. Caleb's good friend KJ had a broom and dust pan at his house and Caleb spotted it durng their last play session. After that, he was constantly trying to get the broom from me when I swept the floors. Now he has his own!

He hasn't quite gotten the hang of it, but he tries really hard. Maybe we'll work on getting that coordination down so he can sweep instead of me sometime!

As I mentioned before, we are spending Christmas at Jes's parent's house with his two younger sisters and their 4 kids (2 apiece). We are so excited about going and leave tomorrow (Friday) morning. Please keep us in your prayers as travel with a toddler can be a harrowing experience. We are most concerned about the 4 hour plane trip and then another 1 hour plane ride after that. Even though Caleb is our little angel, he can try our patience. Just keep us in your prayers going and coming and we'll update you on all the fun we had in Oregon at Nana and Papa's house after the first of the year! We love you all and hope you have a great Christmas!

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