Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our Big Adventure

We just got back from Oregon a few days ago, so this is the first chance I had to post. We had a really good time at Jes's parent's house, but we were also ready to come home when we did. It ended up being all of us, including Jes's 2 sisters and their families, at his parent's house. It was so much fun and Caleb discovered his cousins are fun to play with and run around with!

Caleb and Jes on the airplane. We took a flight from Dallas to Portland, Oregon (4 hours) and then another from Portland to Medford (1 hour) and Caleb was a little angel. As you can tell from this picture, we had all been up for awhile and were pretty tired!

We finally made it and Caleb was really excited to see his Nana. This was one of our many trips to WalMart!

On Saturday, we went to a tree farm in Glendale to cut down a Christmas tree. The only problem was the people were not there, so we couldn't do it.

We got this cute picture of Caleb and his cousin Carver, even though we didn't get a tree.

We all wanted to have Christmas together, so we waited until Tuesday, after Josh, Sarah, Katie, and Hailey, flew in from California. This picture is Caleb's cousin Carver passing out gifts. I tried to get a picture of Katie, but she was just too fast!

Hailey sitting on her gifts. She had that smile that could charm her way out of any situation!

Caleb sitting with his Papa while he took pictures.

Sarah helping Hailey open presents. We open gifts in reverse birth order at the Mathis house during Christmas. The older kids were very good at waiting and being patient!

Finally it was Caleb's turn and he really raked it in!!!

Caleb loved to play in his Nana and Papa's play farm house while he waited for everyone else to finish opening their gifts.

Caleb with Uncle Josh looking at his fancy camera.

After all the madness...

The next day, we all went to Sears and had our picture made and then made a trip to the mall to cash in Aunt Sarah's gift for the kids. She got them all Build a Bear certificates. Caleb chose a black puppy.

Caleb's puppy being filled. We asked him what he wanted to name it and he said puppy, so puppy it is.

Caleb and his new puppy. He drags it around the house saying puppy constantly! Hopefully, this will hold him over from wanting the real thing for a little longer!
All in all, we had a great time! Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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