Friday, January 05, 2007

Caleb's Surgery

I know that most of you know that Caleb had to have a surgical procedure today, so I thought this was the best way to update you on his progress. Caleb had what is called a frenulectomy. Basically, it is just the removal of the lingual frenulum, the piece of membrane that ties your tongue to the floor of your mouth. Caleb's has been tight from birth and his pulmonologist recommended we do this to possibly help with his aspiration issues.
We had the procedure done at the Pediatric Surgery Center in Plano with Dr. Kevin Kadesky. He was highly recommended and I can say from our family now too. He was very open and honest and caring and we'll use him again, if needed. When we got to the surgery center, they showed us to a little room where Caleb got to watch Dora and Bob the Builder. He was instantly the nurses favorite as I haven't met anyone who can resist his cute little face! Shortly before going into surgery, the nurse gave him some Versed, a drug to make him a little loopy, and boy did it work. There have been very few times that Caleb has been like this, but it was hilarious. He would stretch his arm way up in the air to give someone a high five and then forget what he was doing and just puddle into laughter. He was so silly!
Dr. Kadesky told me that it would be a 5 minute procedure and he was right. I didn't even sit in the waiting room. The nurse just took me to a consultation room where I waited for the doctor to come give me a report. I think he was in the OR a grand total of 15 minutes, and 10 of those was getting him to sleep and prepped.
Sitting in this consultation room made me realize why God never gave me the desire to work with kids. When I was in school, it did briefly cross my mind that I might want to work in pediatrics, but I quickly decided against it. People do strange things when they are coming out from under anesthesia. The difference between kids and adults is that most adults will control their outbursts if they have their wits about them. Kids do not. I sat in that consultation room listening to kids screaming. It made my mommy skin crawl to hear that. I could not do the job that those nurses and doctors do. Anyway, Caleb woke up beautifully and besides trying to pull his IV out and the pulse oximeter off, he didn't give anyone any trouble. We were out of there in a flash. He's doing really well now and crashed around 7pm, way before bedtime. It was a hard day, but he's my little trooper and is doing well. Thank you to all who were praying for us today. We could tell!

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