Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Caleb's New Trick

Yesterday I discovered that Caleb can do something new and it totally surprised me. I got so loud about it that I actually scared Caleb. So get this... you can show Caleb a word and he knows what it is! Granted, they are words that he is very familiar with like motorcycle, veggie tales, Dora, Mama, Daddy, Blue's Clues, etc., but he recognizes them everytime and says what they are. Somehow I don't think that this is normal for a 2 year old. If I'm wrong then tell me, but I wanted to share (and brag just a little! :) ).


Amy said...

I think that's pretty good for age 2. I got really excited when Kaelin informed me that she can spell "Boz" (the cartoon character she is madly in love with). But then I realized that she thinks EVERYTHING is spelled "B-O-Z," and that the very definition of "spell" must be B-O-Z. Oh well.

Liz Dixon said...

Caleb is a very smart kid. Way to go Caleb. Very observant. Logan's been doing that for a while but he's got some age on Caleb since he's 3. It's always fun for us mom's though when we realize our kids are learning so much without us really seeing or knowing it's happened.