Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy, Busy

I've been trying to formulate an interesting post in my head for the past week or so and the only things that I can think about are the many functions and responsibilities that we have been involved in lately. I'll break it down by members of the Mathis household.
Jes: He's been working up a storm at his new job at Love Field. He loves it and is one of only 2 other inspectors for the whole Dallas branch of his company. He has to take call every other week and often is called in if he is on call. The company is a very good one and believes in taking care of their employees so as to increase productivity. Like I said, Jes loves it there and is planning on staying so long that he retires from there.
Shannon: I've also been working quite a bit. I have managed to bite off more than I can chew this semester as well. I'm currently teaching 4 classes (5 would be a full time load), with one of the them being a day class while Caleb is at school. While this does fill my time when Caleb is away, it is quite tiring to fly back and forth between the house, the school and Caleb's school. We only have about 3 more weeks, so I can make it that much longer! I have also ended up as the household veterinarian. We had Jaq (the dog) neutered a couple of weeks ago and the change is tremendous! He's much more calm now and is actually fun to be around. We were also told that he looks like he might have Great Pyrenees in him (remember he has a dead beat dad). Have you seen one of those dogs? They are HUGE! Come to think of it, so is Jaq. Great.
Caleb: He's been going to Mother's Day Out twice a week and is having the time of his life. After the little issue we had earlier, he switched teachers within his room and is flourishing! He's learning so much and is loving school now. Caleb has also become quite the social butterfly. It seems like we see kids all the time that he knows and they will carry on conversations in that 2 year old speak that only they can understand. We even got a call from a mom from my MOPS group last week saying that her son was begging to have Caleb come over a play. Who knew that our son would be so popular!
That's about all that's been going on around here.

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