Monday, December 22, 2008

I Guess We Should Start Taking Up Collections Now.

When I met and, shortly thereafter, married Jes, I noticed one very astounding thing about this man I loved so dearly.
He could eat.
No, really, he could put it away and never, never, never gained even an ounce. This has since caught up with him thanks to my stellar (yeah right) cooking and his entering the 4th decade of life. My grandfather used to say he had a hollow leg, and at one point in time, I started to believe it everytime I went to the grocery store and spend so much money on 2 people.
When we found out we were having a boy, one of the many discussions we had was how he would be like his daddy. We all know that teenage boys are famous for their ability to pack it away, I just didn't think that it would happen so fast in my house.
This morning, in his first hour and a half awake, Caleb has eaten a breakfast bar (Nutrigrain type thing), applesauce, and a bowl full of oatmeal with bananas. Now he's asking for a peanut butter sandwich. Normally, I'm not one to deny my chid something to eat, but seriously, I had to say enough is enough.
Maybe I should start looking for another part time job now and save up for his teenage years if this is what he's like when he's 3!


Joy said...

believe me I understand. Carver and Zane both put away two packets of oatmeal with applesauce mixed in and sometimes they both have seconds of that. Zane has started a growth spirt and has started eating so much lately. I am hoping and praying this next one is not a boy because I will need two jobs to support three teenage boys. I remember living in a house with Jesse when he was a teenager and it was no fun because he at everything.

Amy said...

Ok seriously? Kaelin can eat me out of house and home in the mornings. She's not all that interested in dinner, but sometimes the child has 2 or 3 "breakfasts." And she only weighs, like, 30 lbs. What is up with these preschoolers?