Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still Not Good

So, what a night/day we've had. Last night, Caleb spiked a fever. Higher than normal, but not yet high enough to call the surgeon. What's a mom to do? So, I called the pediatrician's on call nurse service. She told us exactly what we thought, push fluids, give a lukewarm bath, dress in light clothes, rest. We did it and he decided to eat a little before going to bed (with me, again.). We'd been lying in bed for just a few minutes and I heard the unmistakeable sound that no mom wants to hear come from your child who is lying in your bed - puke, on its way up. That's right, he puked. In my bed. All over himself. And me. Yuck.
Jes and I got him and the bed cleaned up and we tried it again. Eventually, he passed out and slept all night without hardly a whimper (hardly). Meanwhile, Jes tried to convince Piper to sleep in the other room.
This morning, bright and early brought on a mom's second worst nightmare, the d word. I called the ENT to see what exactly we should do and they were afraid that he might be having some type of allergic reaction to the antibiotic ear drops. Off the the doctor we went this afternoon only to be told that he has a stomach virus, probably "the one" that has been going around.
Are they serious? We've had this twice before! Anyway, Caleb will miss his last day of school tomorrow and we'll be hunkering down here in the house praying that Piper doesn't succumb to it. I'll be on the hunt for this little bug and spraying it into oblivion with my trusty can of Lysol tonight. Have a good evening all!


tiff said...

I'm so sorry.
I hope that he feels better soon and that Piper is spared.

It's really stressful whaen you have sick kids.

Mathis Family said...

Thanks! If anyone understand the frustration of a sick kiddo, it's you!