Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pulmonologist Appointment

Today was the normal 3 month check up for Caleb at the pulmonologist. While we were there, they worked Piper in, as well, to check her out due to the persistent cough she has had. Here's what we found out per kid.

Caleb: The flu he had was reported and since it was so very minor there was really no concern about it. Also, last time we visited with the pulmonologist, he sent us for a blood allergy test. Since there was no positive result on any of the allergens that he was tested for, the doctor was very optimistic that he would be one of those kids who would outgrow his asthma. That's one the best things we've heard lately! The other thing that we are going to be doing is slowly taking him off some of his medications. We will start by stopping a steroid inhaler that he takes twice a day and see where that puts us. By the time that summer begins, Caleb may only be on one or two medications on a daily basis. It's been a long time since we've been anywhere near that (nearly 3 years to be exact!).

Piper: As I said, they squeezed her into Caleb's appointment so that the doctor could take a look at her. Since I had my minor freak out and had her seen at 6 weeks, she was already an established patient and was easy to put on the schedule. My biggest concern with Piper is the chronic cough that she has had for roughly the last 3 or 4 months. Another concern stems from the sinus infection that she was diagnosed with about a week and a half ago. The doctor thinks that Piper may have had a sinus infection before she caught the flu and that it has been an ongoing issue. So, we have switched her to a different antibiotic and we will return to the doctor in 3 weeks. If this round of antibiotics doesn't fix the infection we will need to do some imaging on her sinuses as well as a chest x-ray to ensure that nothing is being missed. The doctor did tell me that he did not feel like Piper has asthma, which was extremely comforting to me as this was the exact point at which Caleb was diagnosed with all his issues.

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