Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This past week was spring break here, which meant virtually nothing to us except that we had friends who were out school that we could go play with.
We started the week by going to the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.

Caleb was SO excited to go and see all the fun things at the museum.

I could not get a decent picture of the two of the kids together because Caleb was more than anxious to get into the exhibit halls.

While we were there, we play archeologist and searched for dinosaur bones,

made huge bubbles,

watched balls float on air,

drove a fire engine,

rode a horse (can you tell he's saying "yee haw" here?),

playing with the water features,

tried to roll a ball into holes on the floor,

learned to milk a cow,

all while Piper watched.

Last, we learned a little about gravity and losing money...

We played with this cute little girl,

and went bowling.

Then we got all dressed up and

went to Jumpin Land

where we all (except Piper) went down the big slide.

We ended the week at a friend's birthday party where we dug in the dirt

and had lots of fun!

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