Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Life Change

I feel like the past couple of years have really been life changing for me.
Many people mention that certain things are "life changing" when they really mean that they are moment changing for them. Something that they may remember, but it certainly won't affect the way that they live their lives.
For me, my husband, my children, cancer, the loss of family members have been life changing events in my life.
These past few years have caused me to reevaluate the people in my life and determine that there are just some that don't belong for a variety of reasons.
It seems that I've been in the presence of some folks who just thrive on drama and making everything about themselves.
No more.
These people will no longer be in my life. I am slowly but surely disengaging with these folks and making my family and true, real, loving friends, the ones who care about me and my family, a larger part of my life.
Someone who I thought was my friend unfriended me on facebook today.
This seems fairly insignificant, but this was someone I trusted with my daughter. Someone whom I thought was my friend. Someone who falls into the category that I described above.
No more.
Does it hurt and make me angry that this was how she chose to do this, yes. Passive aggressive and I do not mix. I come from a family where you speak what you feel, get it out and move on.
I don't make New Year's resolutions, because I feel as if anything you commit to doing needs to be done whole heartedly, which most NY resolutions are not.
No longer will those self involved, drama loving, "world revolves around them" people be a part of my life.
I will now surround myself with those people who love me and my family, support our decisions for our lives, speak truth in our lives and allow us to do the same.
This is my life change for 2012.


Amber said...

I like your posts. Re: this one, I know sometimes Facebook 'unfriending' can come across seem personal. I cannot tell 100% if this is the feeling you have over this or not...but if it is, sometimes people unfriend so that you do not know some things they say, or like/dislike...sometimes people don't feel comfortable being themselves in the company of others. (Mostly this is people who are insecure or a bit immature still and know that they ought to be more adult-like.) She may feel insecure that you will disapprove of her, her friends, preferences or habits. All which could also be a bad thing too, I guess, if as you say, the children are with this person. I suppose I just stopped to say 1. I like your thinking and, 2. Sometimes people don't do things to hurt or anger us, but it's more about them. I do agree whole heartedly the 'dropping dramatic selfish friends' :) Good luck in 2012~Keep focusing on what matters and thank for sharing! :)

Linda Metcalf Lancto said...

Thank you for letting our family remain in your circle of family/friends...I'm so glad we were able to get re-aquainted over the past couple of years! I enjoy the Christmas pictures and have them on my fridge with Ashley's family too..the older we get, the more we want family around. We love you guys and would like to someday meet Jes. You are doing the right thing about letting go of the drama-you don't need it, Jes doesn't and the kids really don't..stay strong and know we're here for you!

The Lion of Judah said...

God bless your family

Misses Annette said...

I have had this same thing take place for quite a while now. I can totally relate.

Blessings to you and your family.

p.s. How do I follow you?

Thanks in advance.