Saturday, December 14, 2013

Piper's Girl Scout Christmas Party

When we moved to Houston, I managed to find Caleb a Scout pack for him to get involved in.  Here in Houston, the homeschool community is large and has many different resources available to it, with many homeschool groups near to us. One such group is the umbrella group for Caleb's Scout pack and has a Girl Scout pack for the sisters of the boys who are involved in the Scout pack.

When I went to sign Caleb up and attend our first meeting, I was stopped by one of the moms and asked if I wanted Piper to join their Daisy group.  I told her she could sit in and let me know if she liked it and of course she did, so I signed her up.

She's had such a great few months and made some sweet friends.  Her leader is so sweet and threw a little Christmas party for the girls and took photos AND emailed them to us!  

Here are some of the girls (and the one brother who is not old enough for Scouts) working on a coloring page.

With this group of girls, lots and lots of crafts are made and brought home.  So fun!

This fun game involved the girls blowing through a straw to push a marshmallow across the floor.  I can just imagine the hilarity of this!  If only I was a fly on the wall...

This picture just cracks me up!  What a sweet little group of girls!

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