Monday, January 13, 2014

Blue Bell

For the Christmas holiday, we took 2 weeks off of school to reset and refresh.  I had promised the kids that we would go do all sorts of fun things since the weather is so mild here, however the flu thwarted those plans and kept us bed bound for 5 days.  
The Friday after New Years, I decided that I pack the kids up and take the trip to Brenham, the home of the Blue Bell Creameries, where they make our favorite ice cream!

We made a stop at Starbucks partially because it was a special occasion and because Mama was still worn out from all the sickness and cleaning up from it all.  Brenham is about an hour from us, so a little chocolate/vanilla milk for them and a coffee and cinnamon bread for me and we were off!

We made it in time to grab a fun hat, some cute photos and get our tickets for the very next tour.  There are no photos allowed during the tour, but let me tell you, what I saw of the factory convinced me that we will continue to be Blue Bell customers for life!

At the end of the tour, everyone gets some ice cream.  P chose dutch chocolate (her fav gluten free flavor), Caleb chose mint chocolate chip and I got cookies and cream!  Yum!

We just had so much fun here, just us and the ice cream and we can't wait to come back and bring my dad!  He's a HUGE Blue Bell fan and customer!

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