Saturday, January 25, 2014

Classical Conversations

Before we moved from McKinney to Houston, we were planning on enrolling the kids in a homeschool co-op that met once a week and provided a variety of fun classes for the kids.  I had heard, briefly, about a program called Classical Conversations, but the homeschooling community in the DFW Metroplex is far smaller and less open than the homeschooling community in Houston, so I never gave it any thought.  After we moved and found a church (a church that is pro-homeschooling, in fact, the pastor's family homeschools!) and many of our new friends talked about how wonderful the Classical Conversations program at the church was.  We decided to give it a shot, despite my not being sure if it would be the right fit for our family.

As expected, Piper love it and had a great time!

Caleb was kind of meh about it all.  This program requires the kids to sit and drill facts.

A lot.

It's just not a good fit for ALL of us.  Piper wanted to go back so bad, but we had discussed before we went that it had to be good for both of the kids and both of them had to be on board since it would be a huge time and monetary commitment.  So, all in all, no negative moments from this experience, just information which was what we were after.

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