Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Piper's GI Check Up

This past weekend, the kids and I took a trip up to Dallas to see friends, hang out with my parents and take Piper to her GI doctor for a check up.  The last time she saw her doctor was when she was having her biopsies and such done in the hospital, so this visit was long overdue.

There's really no reason for this picture except that she's just so cute and wanted me to photograph her in her new cheetah print sweater.  Silly girl!

And of course, she flies right past all the kids books and wants to look at the doctor's flip charts.

About a week and a half before Piper's appointment, we went and had a bunch of blood drawn so that her doctor could see where all her levels were.  Her thyroid looked perfect (he continues to check this due to her fabulous genetic make up) and her antibody and other levels that indicate the Celiac's were within range.  Basically, what this means is that all the hard work and lifestyle changes we have made are doing what they should.  He and I discussed the fact that her having such significant symptoms was a lifesaver in getting her diagnosed before she got older and had more chronic issues.  She's still a lightweight when it comes to how much she weighs, fluctuating between 40 and 44.5 pounds on any given day, but she's super tall and very muscular and is flourishing!  We are all thrilled!  We go back to see this GI doctor if we have issues, or summer 2015!

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