Monday, February 24, 2014

Blue and Gold

This past Friday, Caleb's Cub Scout pack had their annual Blue and Gold Banquet.  This is a new group for us, so things were a bit different than it was in our last group.  

The pack that we are involved in now has a tradition of a Cake Bake that is done at Blue and Gold every year.  We have never been involved in that process and I was given the opportunity to organize that and every boy participated as required.  There is a theme each year and this year it was an International theme.  Here is Caleb with his creation, an African themed cake.  He enjoyed the process more than anything else, since he wants to be a chef when he grows up!  He did not win anything, but had fun, which is all that matters!

Of course Piper was present and supporting her brother on his big night.

All the boys were brought up on stage in their pack and were presented with their award.  At this particular ceremony (and there are a lot in Scouts), the boys that have completed their achievements to make rank for the next level are presented with their patch and pin by a parent, preferably their father or a father figure.  Here is Caleb and Jes waiting for their turn to be presented.

Caleb got his Bear patch and pin and will spend the next two years as a Webelo before going on to Boy Scouts.

The boys were given the opportunity to make little houses for our round table (the local board for our Scout groups) to recreate a part of the community.  These are the boys who participated and made buildings.  Caleb had a great time doing that and was excited to participate.

The boys also received a participation award for the Cake Bake contest and awards by pack.  Caleb did not win an award for this, but he had such a great time that it didn't even matter!
Scouts have been such a great experience for Caleb and he just really loves the process, so we will continue for as long as he likes.

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