Wednesday, February 19, 2014


About 6 weeks ago, I went on a ladies retreat with our church and met lots of new women who had kids the age of Caleb and Piper.  In our church, many people homeschool as well, so I had a lot in common with these women and were able to discuss many of the concerns and joys that go along with this lifestyle choice.  While I was talking with one of the ladies, she mentioned that her son was in a TaeKwon-Do class and that is was a homeschool class, obviously filled with homeschooled boys.  
Back in McKinney, Caleb often asked me to sign him up for some sort of martial arts, but I never could because all of the classes for his age group were in the evenings, when I was working.  So, when I heard about this homeschool class that occurred in the middle of the day, my ears perked up.  
After we got home, we decided to let him try it out once and see if he liked it, which he did, so we signed him up.

Here he is on his first official class day in his official uniform.  As you can tell, he was SO excited and I was excited for him!

Here, you can see Caleb with his instructor, Mr. Dillon, breaking a board.  As with any new activity, I was a little apprehensive if he would like it.  Caleb is a type A personality and won't attempt something if he perceives that he won't do well, which always makes me nervous as to whether or not he will participate.  He did have a moment during his first class (the trial) where he broke down and cried, but Mr. Dillon is so good with these boys and their squirrely behavior, so I let him handle it and Caleb bounced right back and continued with the class.
It is a commitment to get Caleb to this class 3 times a week, but I see a real difference in how he acts and reacts to situations, so we will continue this as long as possible!

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