Sunday, July 20, 2014

Science Camp and Fun

This past week, Piper went to science camp at our church, something I had signed her up for months ago.  She is my independent free spirit, so she was super excited to have her own thing and go have fun.

Since we have to pack up and take her food everywhere, I decided to go ahead and get her a new lunch bag.  Let's just say she loved it and it was perfect for her lunch, snack and drink to take with her all week to camp.  I'm confident it will also be super useful in the future too!

Mid-way through the week, I took the kids to Studio Movie Grill for their monthly family rewind movie.  This week, it was Annie.  I was a little unsure if the kids would like it, but this was what I saw of P the whole night.  She was enraptured!  But who could blame her?  It involved all her favorite things: girls, singing, dancing and major role played by an animal!  Caleb was kind of "meh" about the whole thing until the end and then he really got into it!

On Friday, Caleb and I trekked over to the mall to the Disney store and found these gems being put out.  I have looked all over creation for Elsa, Anna and Olaf for P and haven't been able to find them, even in Disney World.  So, let's just say when I did find them, I bought allllllll of them!  Someone is going to be a rockstar Mommy on Christmas morning...  :)

 Caleb and I then went for a sushi lunch at a nearby place.  He is so, so easy to please on the food front and we share many of the same likes and dislikes, so anytime that we can escape and get sushi, we do!

Caleb had taekwon-do all this week too, but all the other boys were busy so he basically had private lessons all week.  He took advantage of this and worked really hard, gaining some serious traction on some skills he needs before his next belt testing!

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