Monday, July 07, 2014

4th of July and American Girl

Since we weren't having birthday parties for the kids this year (hello, Disney World was enough!), Piper decided to invite her friend to go to the American Girl store with her for a fun outing.  Since we were going on Sunday, we decided to give her her doll and such before we went so that she could bring them with us.

Here is P with Argos, the dog that she so desperately wanted.

Piper always wanted Marie-Grace, so that's exactly who she got.  She loves her!

My happy girl with Marie-Grace and Argos.

Friday night, my mom and I took the kids to downtown to watch the fireworks.  Here they are just waiting for the show to start!

My friend, Miriam, planned her girls' joint birthday party for when we were in town so that P could come, especially since we missed it last year because we were moving that day.  This is P and her little friend, Kaylie.

On Sunday, we headed to the AG store so the girls could look around and pick out a couple of new things.

So excited!

Piper with Marie-Grace and Kaylie with Molly.

The girls had so much fun playing with their dolls and the staff of American Girl was so sweet to let them try out all the accessories.

After the AG store, we went for ice cream and then called it a day.  It was a very low key weekend and birthday, but perfect!

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