Monday, August 04, 2014

San Felipe de Austin

This past Saturday, we went to San Felipe de Austin, near the town of Brookshire, Texas.  Jes rides with a motorcycle group in that area and has passed this place a few times.  Since the weather was not blisteringly hot, we decided to hop in the car and go explore!

C & P at the state historic site sign.

Here in Texas, we fondly refer to Stephen F. Austin as the father of Texas.  He was instrumental in founding and establishing Texas as it's own republic, ensuring its freedom from Mexico.

This town was the first town established in Texas and included all the things you would think would be included in a town.  A town hall and various homes, shops, etc were on this property.  It was cool to stand on the ground where so many of our founding families stood.

This was the town well for everyone.  It's pretty neat that this still stands!

The historical association have a great little program for all the kids to participate in where they can do some of the things that these settlers did.  Here they are making printer's hats out of large pieces of printing paper.

My babies and their hats.  They are so silly!

There were some Lincoln Logs set up for the kids to get an idea of how the construction of buildings were done in that time period.  I had tried to buy Lincoln Logs for years, but neither kid was super interested, but I may need to now.  They absolutely loved building with these!

Not much of this town still stands because Stephen F. Austin caught wind that the Mexican army was on its way to invade the town.  So, instead of abandoning everything and giving them a leg up by providing shelter, food, etc, so they set fire to the whole town and burned it to the ground before fleeing.  This was a really cool outing and we are having fun discovering all the cool Texas history sites!

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